Updated: Our New Video - Welcome To The Fifth Dimension!

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GFP Update: This video has been viewed 1147 times (that's from adding up the views in three different locations). Please share! And here's a question - Would YOU like to make a video for the Family? Think about it - we can work together!

Source: YouTube.com

Well, we wanted you to be in our video and now you are! Or, your words and names are! We'll be following up with another video so if you sent in your picture, we still plan on using it.


Thank you so much, Wonderful Family, for helping to make this beautiful video. Please share - let's make this viral!

If you would like the image with your name on it or any other image from the video, please contact me with your email address.


Enjoy! LOVE is Everywere Present!



Video 5th dimension

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Love it! Beautifull! The music made me cry of joy all my life.


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That's wonderful, Jacobien! Thank you for sharing and thank you for your kindness.


New Video/ 5th dimension

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Beautiful! Love the music and the comments. Some of them were a little difficult to read, because of the background, but it didn't matter. It touched my heart and made me cry tears of joy.