Using Science To Change The World

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Our entire planet is all sharing the same consciousness As I have spoke to HERE, we come from the exact same source, just different vibrations, or you could say frequencies, that make us and everything we see around us unique. However, at a deeper level we remain connected to everything.

There was a man by the name of Cleve Backster who stumbled on a way to offer tangible proof of this back in the 1960′s. Cleve Backster was the worlds foremost polygraph expert, set up a school in San Diego California that trains numerous intelligence agencies, and proved over 35 years ago that plants can respond to our thoughts. One day Backster hooked up his office plant to a polygraph machine with the intention of measuring how long it would take for the water to change the electrical resistance the plant would have. What he found was the plant displayed a response that would be the same as if a human was hooked up to the machine and experienced happiness. 

So the next day, with the plant still hooked up, Backster had a thought of burning the leaves of the plant, which immediately sent the needle of polygraph to the top of the chart. Backster even went to his desk and pulled out a box of matches, and the needle continued to go haywire. Only when he put the matches back in the desk did the needle level back out! This experiment has been reproduced in numerous lab experiments.

What this shows is at a very deep level, we remain in constant communication with everything. To go further in detail to this, David Wilcock published a book called The Source Field Investigations, in which I HIGHLY recommend. In it he documents and buries you in so much data about what  he calls the source field, that your rational mind will be able to swallow this concept without spitting it back out. There are so many fascinating, documented cases in this book that clearly display, in a scientific way, the oneness we all are connected to.

Although Backster’s experiment shows us how we are in communication with even plants, this concept is much grander,  and it turns out it is quite measurable . Gregg Braden speaks beautifully about how this works in this video I encourage you to watch.

“….The events of September 11, 2001….it was during that time that the United States has two satellites that are called the GOES…Geo Synchronous Environmental Satellites…one positioned in the northern hemisphere, one positioned in the southern hemisphere, and the role of these satellites is to measure the magnetic fields of the Earth and send back readings every 30 minutes. And those readings normally fall within a certain range of data that scientists are relatively used to seeing.

Well, it was in September 2001 that scientists began to see some readings that were off the map, just off the scale compared to what they had seen in the past, and they said,”What’s happening, what is it that could be influencing the magnetic fields of the entire planet to such a degree that we’re seeing these big spikes that our satellites are saying back we’ve never seen these before?”

They overlaid the data from the satellites onto a calendar of months and days, and low and behold what they found is the spike was occurring precisely during the time of September 11th, 2001, and even more precisely the first spike occurred 15 minutes after the first plane hit the first tower in the World Trade Cener.”




What does this mean? We have a measurable global consciousness that responds to our individual ones. We in fact do have the power to change the planet by changing ourselves, and this is not some baseless cliche, science is behind us now. It also means that our consciousness is an energy that is able to effect the planet’s energy. 

How to clear your energy? That is what makes the science of Nadi a wonder of the world. Can you think of another technology or science that can identify your energy, its blocks, and lay out the exact ways on how to clear them, for this is precisely what it does. By having this service done, you will not only be effecting your consciousness and that of your family’s, but indeed you will have a direct impact on the whole global consciousness. 

Can you imagine if everyone used this technology? Can you imagine a world free of all the energetic garbage that causes all the suffering? I certainly can, for I can see the changes in my own consciousness. Let’s change this world to one we want to live in. Now is the time to act as the energy on the planet is being directly effected due to our current alignment in the galaxy the ancient civilizations have all documented. This is what makes 2012 special for it is not dooms day, rather it is the energetic evolution of our planet and the unlocking our consciousness.

Help change the world by changing yourself. Take advantage of this miraculous science and do your part. Help clear the global consciousness by clearing yours. 

With my Love,