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TUESDAY, JULY 31, 2012




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GFP: our advice is you read this message with deep consciousness before jumpin up from the chair, as it brings a deep truth about what One has to accomplish for it's own ascension Process, that will also help All in their ascension process and the unfoldment of all events: the most important one of which is going back to One's True Divinity.  All given dates are turning points that all can choose wheater to "jump into" or to leave (even Dec 21st is there for those who choose it!) . Like gates you can choose to go through or to avoid. It all depends on Ones Divine Consiousness and does not imply any blame or prize. We're all here to increase Consiousness, and we're helped 24/7 in our remembering path back to Love.  



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Dear friends,

I have been meditating on the date of August 4, as there are several messages, claiming, that our Galactic family would disclose itself on that date.

There is also a channeling saying, that the Pleiadians would be directly landing in London at the Olympics on that day.

So I asked my Arcturian Guides, and they answered in  their function of being part of the Galactic Federation.


And here it is:


Message from the Arcturians:

Dear Ones!

No, we will not land! We will be landing, when you and your planet are ready,  when you have mastered your transition into the next higher dimension! The disclosure of our existence might happen at that time, but there are still some considerations going on about it, mainly whether this is the right time to do this, depending on several circumstances. "Deadlines" are "focus points" for us for possible but not binding actions. We are dealing with a complex circumstance where all parts have to be taken into account.


Please understand, as difficult as this might be for you, that we are not an armada of saviors!


Ascension is a spiritual process, in the first place. And at this special time, it is ultimately also a physical one.


You all have chosen, to incarnate at this time on Gaia, and thereby to have the great opportunity for a quantum leap in your evolutionary process in a short time.


This does not mean that your souls are not already Divine, but the process of experiencing the descend into the darkness, and to bring back that darkness to the Light, is the task you have agreed with.

Thereby you are supported with every help from us and many other Light Beings, energetically, purifying and healing you. But the work is yours, you yourself must walk the path, and that’s why you are here.


Please understand yourself better: Christianity, as it has been preaching since more than 1000 years, has talked you into the belief, that Jesus is your redeemer, by merely “believing” it. In other words, that you can achieve salvation by mere “belief”.


Dear brothers and sisters, if this would be possible according to cosmic and spiritual laws, all Christians, who believe this, would be already liberated! But they are still subject of the present situation and a church, which does not truly serve the Christ Consciousness. By this you recognize the signs of this heresy, which wants to keep you in the lower levels of consciousness!


This false belief in salvation is deeply seated  in many of you, without being conscious of it. And so you have taken this relic of Christian faith to use it in your new faith, the faith in salvation by your galactic families!


Spiritual growth is a process in Consciousness. Meaning, that all your unhappy patterns, belief systems, convictions, emotions, sufferings and limitations, must be recognized and transformed, until your body-mind is completely clarified, to the degree of literal “enlightenment”, by the Light of Divine Consciousness!


This is the process in its perfection. And there are many pathways and there are many intermediate stages. But there are also many of you in your world, who belong to us and other galactic families, and who already went through the ascension process in other dimensions. It is them, together with the ones, who seriously work with the enlightenment of their own body-mind, to create ultimately the necessary percentage of the world population, which shifts your planet into a higher dimension.


In this regard you have already achieved much. All given dates are guidelines. Your ascension process is a living, fluctuating process, and therefore the date of 21.12.12 is also a guideline. Because the result is depending on how many actually are able to use the energies of this date! And some might indeed ascend. 

In the true Divine Process there is no magic, but which many like to believe! There is Grace, yes. But this Process is subject to certain spiritual laws, which nobody can bypass, but which are serving your own, true mastery.


The growing revelation of the practices of your controllers in public and that you are becoming conscious of it, also serves your own growth process! As soon as you become conscious of this reality, your true spiritual path can begin, if you choose so! They show you the topics which you must transform in yourself: your reactions, your fears, your judgements, your belief in darkness, to go beyond it! This is it what it is about! Dates do not matter, but the degree, to which you achieve true Self-Mastery. This is about the Light-Process, and not about some moral self-improvements!  


The Light-Process includes the re-cognition of your true Divine Identity, not only in thoughts and ideas, but as the Realization of Divine Consciousness, which shows Itself also through tangible physical Transformation.


We are here, if you need our help, to strengthen your process, to encourage you, and to provide initiations, if necessary, to support your Evolution in Consciousness.  


You all know that the forces of light are constantly growing on your planet. They exactly serve your own progression, to overcome in yourself all that which is not of the Light and unifying Love.


It would not serve your spiritual growth, to take this learning process away from you. You would deprive yourself of important experiences and practices, which are necessary, so that you can truly learn mastery over duality and lower vibrations, the illusion of limited awareness, separation and suffering. If we would just take you back to your once ”undistinguished" state,  before you incarnated on earth, your whole enterprise with the intention to return from very low density to Divine Consciousness with the full harvest of your own dedicated work, would have failed.


Many misconceptions are spread! Your  controllers love it, to play with fairy tales and magic, to blind you!  It is essential, to see through this!  This is an important step of initiation into full Mastery.


Be Blessed!

We are the Arcturians! 


Message conveyed by Ute 




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Sorry not buying it.  Crop

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Sorry not buying it.  Crop cirlces and multiple other channels saying definitive action on August 4th.


This will happen and it has to happen because time is running out!


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well, they said they would not land!  They did not say we would not have disclosure! Disclosure changes the whole game - like free energy and doing away with the money powers! It's good enough, if it happens! 

Now Now Ute

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Just the other day it was a completely different story, so which is it Ute, to land or not to land, who is this really supposidly channling? 


These are some very authentic sounding words especially about the Christian concept about salvation, but today if you are same one is not same as yesterday's message to us, someone is feeding us full of hucky puck??? Come out, come out where ever you are?