Video: Retired Lab Chimps Step Outside for the First Time

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Wired - 3/08/13, Nadia Drake

In January, a new group of medical-research chimpanzees began arriving at a retirement home in Louisiana called Chimp Haven. Before their arrival, the chimps had been housed at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette’s New Iberia Research Center, a primate research facility that had been in trouble for illegal chimp breeding and Animal Welfare Act violations.



After a period of quarantine at Chimp Haven, the chimps are being released into their new habitat, and video footage has captured a few of those moments.

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video: Retired Lab Chimps First Outing..

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This so deeply metaphorical, I can't even begin to describe it. All I know is, that tears are flowing down my face in buckets. This is what is happening to Hue-manity, to us...We are being released from our prisons of perception and into unknown territory. Wow! 


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Indeed, Ra-Raela! That's what I've been thinking, too.

Thanks for commenting, Love!