The View From Down Here: Record-Breaking Radio Waves Discovered from Ultra-Cool Star

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(editor's note: More chatter from astronomers about "life beyond our solar system" -it seems to be a more acceptable topic among professional peers.

I'm so happy to report that news of activities happening outside and around our planet continue to intrigue more and more people!
Just a few years ago, "space geeks" were the only ones interested in all the wonderous events of our neighboring planets, stars, and galaxies. Now it seems everyone has their eyes to the skies!
The view from down here is a special vantage point, so I hope you enjoy this report and get a better understanding of how important YOU are to the beautiful Cosmos we all call home.  
~All my Love, Boo)



Record-Breaking Radio Waves Discovered from Ultra-Cool Star


Penn State University astronomers using the world's largest radio telescope, at Arecibo, Puerto Rico, have discovered flaring radio emissions from an ultra-cool star, not much warmer than the planet Jupiter, shattering the previous record for the lowest stellar temperature at which radio waves were detected.


The possibility that young, hot planets around other stars could be detected in the same manner -- because they still maintain strong magnetic fields -- has implications for the chances of finding life elsewhere in our Milky Way Galaxy, Wolszczan explained. "The Earth's field protects life on its surface from harmful particles of the solar wind. Knowing whether planetary magnetic fields are common or not throughout the Galaxy will aid our efforts to understand chances that life may exist beyond the Solar System."


Wonderful! :)

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Another great news segment, thank you dearly Boo. I am looking forward more and more every day to reading your wonderful segments. :) :) 


Much Love :)

Thank you sweet Wes! I feel

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Thank you sweet Wes! I feel as if we are in the "mutual appreciation society" as I adore your work as well~

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