Visionkeeper: Changing With The Seasons

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OneWorldRising - 16 October 2013


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Greetings to all. I am still taking some time off as I am still pondering what I will write about. As the shift picks up speed and we move into different realms of thinking and being, it is hard to know what I am meant to be conveying to my readers with everything changing so quickly. I feel from within that I am done telling people what we need to do, how we should think and act. It is time everyone to finally think for themselves at long last. For far too long many have held on with bated breath to what others were telling us, what messages channelers are delivering to us all.

No, it is time to listen to ourselves and what WE have to think and say and feel about our lives inside and out. That is all that matters now. It is time people finally reconnect with THEMSELVES and learn to read what their beings are telling them and believe in what  they think and feel, not what someone else is  saying. Not to me or anyone else. This is why I am struggling to find words, because I know it is your own words you need to be paying attention to now. Not paying attention to ourselves is severely weakening our strength and taking away our own power.

I do not know how often I will write or what I will write about, it will come as I feel compelled to communicate with others. It may just be my own thoughts about day-to-day experiences I am having, it may be a recipe about something tasty I just cooked on a cold winter day, it may be a silly tale about what my cats are up to, journey tales of MayMay and Elliott. I just don’t know what or when I will write. It definitely will no longer be everyday like before. That is just they way it must be for now unless something major arises and I feed the need to offer support or guidance to those in need of it should the world as we know it come unglued.

For now, the remnants of fall are beginning to fade away. The blazing mountainsides of oranges and yellows and reds are becoming slowly barren and brown day by day as leaves drop off and blow and swirl around to the ground. The temperatures are slowly dropping as well and some mornings the green grass is crispy and white with frost. One by one the birds are leaving and only the few braves souls remain like the Bluejays, Crows and Chickadees and a few stray fall Warblers. Soon the outside will be devoid of bubbling bird song save for a few squawks here and there. Winter is a time of quiet and contemplation with windows and doors closed tight to keep out the frigid winds. I have yet to start-up the wood stove though. It is not cold enough for that thank goodness. Still a few random days of Indian summer remain, wild asters blooming in the fields and one or two perennial blossoms refusing to succumb to the changing seasons.

Changing seasons are always faithfully here to teach us how we too can change bravely into something new. The seasons never fear they will cease to exist just because they stop being one way and flow into being another way. Neither should I or anyone else. One of nature’s greatest lessons to the people is trust. There is no doubt the sun will always be there, or the moon to guide us through the darkness or the seasons changing. They do what they must without worry as to whether they are able to or if they will continue. How nice if everyone had such faith in themselves to be who they are regardless of their circumstances. I think it would help everyone greatly to rebuild a close relationship with nature and in doing so build a better, trusting relationship with life and with yourselves.

Blessings to us all,

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