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We are no longer approaching the great shift, we are dead center in it, this is the long-awaited moment and we are all being called into action. This is a time of expanding consciousness, or better said, it sure better be! I don’t think a lot of folks realize that we can’t just change the things we don’t like about the world by making new laws, passing new bills, or begging to the political leaders. No! And we must stop thinking this way. Change in our world will never come about unless we ourselves change. The people running this country into the ground are never going to hear you beg for change or care that you are, for they themselves don’t want it. They have an agenda and will do whatever it takes to complete their mission. They are totally incapable of changing anything because they themselves are not changing! To ask them to change something is futile for they may change something, but it will have been done with the same consciousness used to create what we wanted changed in the first place! The world and especially those in positions of power, must raise their consciousness to a higher level  in order to create change or else leave office.

We have remained at this same level of consciousness for far too long now and if we as a society do not begin to think differently, we will cease to exist. We ourselves must take it upon ourselves to raise our own consciousness, Nobody else is going to do it for us, and once we have done that, we spread out amongst the people and awaken others. Our next major step must be to refuse to vote in elections, or if we do, we must vote for someone who is now of higher consciousness. That means we have to start working hard to find capable, awake people to run for office. I still think out first step must be not to vote at all, millions of us! That is the first big step for people to break their mind control and stand up for themselves! To continue to vote for brain-dead people with NO desire to do what we want but rather what THEY want, is continuing to remain a slave and we must end this robotic mindset immediately if we wish to see change.

Consciousness is shifting right now for a great many people and truth is gaining ground, but we need the masses to raise up to a higher level. If we continue to watch TV and the mind control programming being shown on it, our minds become the TV! We think like what we see and we form our beliefs around what we see and we stop thinking for ourselves. This is extremely dangerous. People have gotten themselves to where they believe everything they see and hear, they question little of what is placed before them. It is time to question EVERYTHING! Everything and everybody. We are living in a time of great deceit and we must learn to once again reconnect with our intuitions and begin to listen to our guts.

If we don’t want war but would rather have peace, if we don’t want violence and greed but would rather have love and compassion, if we don’t want to be lied to any longer and would rather welcome truth, then WE must raise our thinking up higher than the drivel we watch on TV and read in print. All of that supposed information is designed to lower our intelligence. We are brilliant and loving beings with endless potential to create a better life for all of humanity. If we wish to remain brilliant we must think for ourselves and keep our brain muscle strengthening and growing. It is now time to walk our talk and become who we really are. Let us all raise our consciousness levels and encourage all those around us to so as well. We are needed and our time has come.

Blessings to us all,