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Homeward Bound

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Oh my yes, we are on our way home, in flight to the new world. One cannot ignore the rush of energetic emotions that are pulsing through the universe at this time. They are beckoning us home to our hearts and to the new world of love and compassion. We will no longer need to grovel for validation for we will be securely anchored in our oneness to all. The divisions that have driven us far apart are breaking down and we are finally feeling closer connections to each and every being whether human or animal as never before. We are learning to be accepted just as we are for who we are and are finally able to begin relaxing into ourselves and breathe out a sigh of relief in knowing we are going home. The days of proving our worth within the confines of mindless slavery are drawing to a close. It must first happen within ourselves and ripple out to those around us. The ripples are carrying us along as the sun upgrades us, setting the shift in full motion.

It is so obvious now how different we have become since the journey began in earnest before 12-21-12. We have come such a long way on so many levels. It is subtle in many ways and I am sure many folks will say nothing has changed, but for those of us who are experiencing it, wow! As I look back over time it amazes me how far we have traveled. It has been so gradual even though we saw it as intense and it is hard to see the changes unless you stop and really think about where you were two years ago. I would imagine the light bathing the planet is almost blinding at this point to those lurking on the dark side. Get out the sunglasses guys cause we are not going away.

Life feels to be falling into place now, things outside of 3D seem to make sense and the direction of travel is clear and steady. It is amazing to be of one world while witnessing another. Pulling the plug on the black boxes of propaganda makes all the difference in the world. If you think things aren’t changing then pull the plug and go within and reconnect. You’ll be swept away by what you discover not only about yourselves but the world you have been living in. Many people  say to me “There is no change where I live”. I challenge you to pay close attention. Beneath the horror of what may be taking place, there is always goodness taking place in one form or another. Small changes often go unnoticed because we have become so blind it takes a major change to get our attention.

I often use the puppy metaphor for our changing. You know, you have a puppy and a friend comes over and sees it and says”Wow, he’s grown so much” and you say “really”? You don’t see it because you see the puppy everyday. The same for ourselves and each other. We are so much a part of the shifting taking place, most times it is hard to see where we have changed. For many it is in the heart and how we view the world now. Compassion for others is enveloping the world. Yes war is going on and hatred exists still in 3D, but even in those spots of war I am sure people continue on their journey to higher consciousness and their hearts beat strongly for those around them. For those of us not in immediate war zones, we are with you all and our hearts beat for each of you with love and a desire to offer comfort. No place on earth has been left untouched by the shift in paradigms, each and every soul is being lifted up, you just have to pay close attention and look for small things happening because they are and we are going home at last!