Watch Live : As 100-Year-Old Mysterious Package In Norway Set To Be Open Today

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August 24, 2012

Alien artifact? Historical documents? A small treasure? Speculation over what might be inside a 100-year-old package that's set to be unsealed today in a small town in Norway abounds, according to Verdens Gang, a Norwegian newspaper.
Verdens Gang explains that the package has been kept in a museum in Gudbrandsdal and dates all the way back to August 26th, 1912. It carries a note from a man named Johan Nygard, specifying that it is not to be opened until 2012. As the first mayor in Sel kommune in Norway wrote on a package from 1912 "Can be opened in 2012' .
The package weighs 3.1 kilos, is 40 cm wide, 28 cm deep and 9 cm thick, and is safely placed in one of the Gudbrandsdal museums. The package is sealed. Previously it has been placed in both archives and vaults.
The package, which has survived both World War 1 and World War 2, has been moved around in the city Otta several times. It's just a coincidence that the package has not been lost. Several times it has actually been lost, but luckily it has always been found.
There are few clues about what the package might contain. What is known is that Nygard was involved in local politics and that he reportedly walked up to the mayor and handed him the package telling him that its contents would "benefit and delight future generations," according to a video that was posted the Verdens Gang website.
Professor of history at the University of Oslo, Gro Hagemann, defines the period of the early 1900s a as a time of great changes in Norway.

- Norway was characterized by optimism and growth. In addition, the country had a newfound freedom and self-awareness after being an independent country in 1905, she says to VG.
Today,on August 24th, residents of the town will finally find out what's inside. will be live broadcasting the opening of the Norway package on Friday at noon EST.
The mysterious package will be opened at 6 pm CEST (4pm GMT/UTC).
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Oh, well

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Well, it was very anti-climatic for the average non-Norwegian. The package contained a bunch of items that were related to a battle and the memorial constructed to commemorate the battle - several small banners (one from the King), newspaper articles, documents, ledgers, committee papers, a photo, and receipts. I AM sure there will be a full written summary available soon.

Nice Performances and Mystery

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Saw it with great anticipation and was let down, but I suspect there could be far more than meets the eye and we'll have to see what the museum curators say.


No one knows what those letters contain. The fact that the king's flags and other items were there makes one wonder if they are an attempt to authenticate the whole package.


Frankly, it could be conversations about Star beings in those letters.


We'll just have to wait and see. I hope the curators are allowed to reveal the contents.


I hope it is just not what we would consider a general time capsule with items from those times, but it could be.


Anyway, thank you. The entertainment was quite lovely.