We The “United” People

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We The “United” People

We the united people stand together, brother and sister, black and white, American and Chinese, Native American and Palestinian, butcher and executive, trucker and police officer, all people, of all beliefs, in every occupation, in every country, on every continent, all now stand together as one.

It has happened, a unifying force of unconditional Love has finally taken hold.  It has captured the hearts and minds of all of humanity.  One by one, everyone is now waking up to a sense of knowing, a knowing that the time has come to truly step into our destiny as a world of unified and unconditional love for each other.

World events telling of the discontent of the status quo are happening every day now in ways that could never have been done or seen before.  In every country world-wide protests are happening daily.  Not just small unnoticed events.  Thousands, hundreds of thousands, Millions of people are standing up for a new and just way of living.

Media block-outs and false information still persist but internet coverage and cell phone cameras and the digital age have revealed the truth that can no longer be covered up.  Even main stream media now covers the events to some degree but is growing ever stronger daily.  For even the hearts of those who would cover up the truth are a part of the growing rise in consciousness now.  Event those that have worked to hide and cover up information are realizing the futility of their ways.  For they know that all things will be revealed!  Better to get on board now then to face the coming criminal trials soon to become a world-wide and ongoing event.

We the united people have awoken to the knowledge that we, together in unity, can and will take back and make anew our world.  We the united people standing together recognizing each other as one people, have now stepped into our destiny as a race destined for greatness.

We the united people have now recognized that differences in others and their opinions do not equate to separation but simply diversity and unique points of view.  We the united people have finally recognized that in truth all things are one and that separateness is simply an illusion.  And with this new awareness we can finally see that We The United People Are One.

Michael Genova