We Are ALL On A Mission - What is Your Divine Role?

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We are ALL on a mission. We all came here to help Mother Earth and Humanity ascend and become a Blue Star Nation. If you are living on Planet Earth right now, then yes, this means YOU! YOU agreed to be part of this mission.



If you're beaming LIGHT and being LOVE IN ACTION then YAY! You're a part of the solution to the ego problem on this planet. However, that's just the beginning. What else you got? What is YOUR Divine Role? What is YOUR Mission? Only you can answer that question. It will start to unfold naturally but now is the time to take charge of your progress and step into your Divine Role.


We are all here to play notes in a universal symphony. The symphony is not over until you hit your note. Together, we make a joyful, glorious sound celebrated throughout Creation!



There are 12 million Ground Crew members from the Galactic Federation of Light stationed here now. It's time to start acting like the Ground Crew member you are. It's time to start bringing your mad skillz to the party.


The line of Beings who wanted to be a part of this mission was long - very long. You were chosen while others were not. It's an honor to be here and an honor to be chosen to serve Love in this mission. Be grateful. Be en-joy! Contribute!



You are The One. You are The One you have been waiting for. Say good-bye to fear and ego and step into LOVE Everywhere Present. Join us in co-passion. We have been holding space for you. Together we flow in the River of the Oneness Energies. Dive in!



We Love You - unconditionally. If you need help defining your mission and your Divine Role, all you have to do is ask. Contact us and start coming to our sessions, meetings, and parties. We are One. We celebrate Oneness in Unity. It's time to co-create, in LOVE.