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Selamat Gajun! We come again to discuss with you a number of things that are happening on your world and to your reality. Presently, your world is moving through a period of ever-accelerating change. This operation to alter your reality is reaching a stage where Gaia requires acknowledgement of the fact that your days as primary residents of her surface are strictly numbered. We are watching as Mother Earth starts to increase the amount of strength she is channeling into her various seismic and volcanic events. We are being told that it is imperative for you to begin to see that the many diverse events taking place are related to one another. The collapse of Mother Earth's ecosystems as well as the sudden changes in climate reflect your own need to change, for example, by moving to end the UFO cover-up and by cooperating with the many elements we are putting both around your world and below the surface of your world. We are ready to use these elements to bring you in due time to Inner Earth and to assist in your move from limited to full consciousness.

      First contact has become more than simply a reunion between you and your space family: Heaven has expanded this mission to include the actual transition of your society to a galactic one. This has placed us in a role that we would rarely undertake on our own; namely, to ensure the grand transformation of your present reality into something quite different. We are pleased that Heaven has chosen us for such a significant task. However, the amount of multileveled strategies needed to pull this off are not so easily embraced. At first we stumbled as we learned how best to work within the strange circumstances presented to us. Your realm is ruled by interlocking directorates, which to one degree or another despise each other. They operate in a milieu governed by chaos, which was often helped along by their former overlords, the Anunnaki, although this aspect of their tenure has been absent since the mid-1990s. This resulted in a sort of halfway détente, which led to the formation of a new head directorate. This body is the one we are working on to allow a great change of direction away from its heinous plans.

      This diverse dark cabal is working hard to defeat our Earth allies and us. We have learned by extensive experience that the only way to approach these ones is by the use of force. We have rendered their secret bases partially inoperable and disrupted their various operations, yet these obstructionist activities continue unabated. We encourage our Earth allies to deny them access to the financial resources they need to maintain their influence over several of your major governments. In addition, we have given our liaisons and diplomats the authority to detain certain individuals within this cabal, in order to reemphasize to them our goals at first hand, and to restate what we require of them. These tactics are finally beginning to make them realize that we do not intend to back off from our various demands. These demands include signing a basic agreement allowing for the new transitional governments to come to power. We have stepped up the number of flyovers of many key secret-government bases to show we are ready to unleash our technology, and the dark, not wishing to incur further ruin of their infrastructure, finally seems more ready to accede to our demands.

      An aspect of this operation is to target certain individuals. Each member of the central directorate has particular pet projects that we are using our technology to mess up. We make a point of 'removing' these individuals from the midst of their highest security detail to demonstrate that they have no defense against our technical superiority. Then we proceed to remind them that their former masters, the Anunnaki, had advised them in the mid-1990s to stand down and cooperate with the Light. Our intent is, further, to emphasize to them the advantages of this move: Heaven has a divine plan, which includes not only the ultimate goal of full consciousness, but also the more immediate restoration of each person's unalienable sovereignty, freedom, and prosperity. First contact is becoming a holy grail, and carrying it out, a most divine task! Our determination is enabling us, in the Light of Heaven's decrees, to accomplish first contact and free you from the clutches of this dark cabal. Our Earth allies have likewise fully committed themselves to this noble cause.

      We have stated all of this before, in one way or another. The difference this time lies in how we are now able to move forward. Heaven has freed us to do a number of things that we had been pushing for over the past 11 months. We need to use more emphatic forms of coercion to make it clear that the dark needs to go and go now. This key permission includes starving them of funds and closing the legal gaps that permit the dark to move stealthily around your globe. Our Earth allies are doing this, and so the dark is becoming more limited in its ability to dispense its dark magic. Deprived of funds and still desperately looking for ways to undermine us, the dark is discovering that its ongoing holding-action is rapidly becoming more and more futile. Their surrender is no longer merely inevitable; it is now a matter of when. Our liaisons are daily negotiating with components of this cabal the terms of this surrender.

      This process of preparing the way for our Earth allies is a prerequisite for disclosure. We know the present major governments are not going to put disclosure at the top of their list any time soon. We continue to be a nuisance they do not intend to acknowledge publicly, because doing so ends in one fell swoop the reality they daily fight to maintain. We watch in disbelief as these regimes persist in lying about what is going on all around them and how they intend to correct these ever-growing problems. This deception is largely due to the fact that the cabal tells these regimes what to say, leaving the major political and economic figures very little room for maneuver. Each such person is forced by settings beyond his or her control to act as their handlers so decree. Naturally, our Earth allies intend to put an end to this dreary scenario at the first opportunity.

      First contact remains the crucial final act returning you to full consciousness. We have watched carefully as Gaia sends out her warnings. The major area for these warnings is of course the Pacific Ring of Fire. Here, two things are underway: the seabed in general is rising, and this is further affected by the gradual locking together of the Pacific and neighboring plates. This constant 'drift and lock' motion is causing the large earthquakes that have rocked the islands of this region over the past half-decade. Our scientists feel that this ongoing series of tectonic corrections is to be the cause of even larger earthquakes. In the same vein, volcanic activity is in effect a type of earthly stress reliever, and this does not bode well for the many volcanoes that encircle this region. We are monitoring them all.

      Mother Earth wants the present reality transformed. We are working hard to get the new governments into power, and we expect these new governments to officially disclose our presence and our mission to you very soon after gaining control. We wish to hasten first contact and are working on new scenarios to permit this. The timeframe left to these governments to put their programs into operation is shrinking as Gaia escalates her changes. We intend to report on this more thoroughly in a coming update. You need to know just how much the belligerent delaying-actions of the dark are reducing the preparation time for your return to full consciousness. We are adjusting, and expect our new scenario to go off without a hitch!

      Today, we reviewed what is happening. Mother Earth is moving ahead vigorously with her warnings to Earth's humanity. This warning is simple: the Earth's surface is no longer to be your home! Accept your heritage of full consciousness and return with your space family to the wonder that is Agartha (Inner Earth)! Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)