We are One Family, One Light~ Caroline Aguiar

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unity2By Caroline Aguiar

This morning, I began to meditate at 6:15 am, and it wasn’t until 7:45 that I opened my eyes.  These periods of going within are growing longer.

In today’s vision, I sat on the beach again, looking out at the water; a vision of serenity, and peace.  The sunset was ever brilliant.  Its beauty which emanated from the red, and golden hues so generously painted across the sky brought me great comfort in knowing  I was in the right place, and at the right time.

The waves playfully rolled up the beach, only to quickly recede again. I noticed every inch of the land my eyes fell upon seemed vibrantly alive.  The beach, the sky, the ocean, and the lush greenery behind where I sat, were alive, and within each aspect of that life was a divine spirit, a being of light, and grace.

I sat pondering this very thought when off to my left a male figure approached.  He walked towards me along the shore line, and from a distance I could see he was wearing blue.

My heart pound upon their approach.  My Higher Self, who was also with me, assured me all was well, and to stay centered, and calm.  The name Archangel Michael came into mind, and she indicated, “Yes!”

There was some conversation prior to the following message.  I wasn’t expecting to write anything, but this time when Archangel Michael mentioned to me he had a message, I felt slightly panicked because I didn’t have my notebook.  He smiled encouragingly, and asked me to look at my feet.  I quickly glanced down , and when I did, there, on the sand next to where I stood, was my notebook.  He also suggested I have it with me from now on.

His words are what follows, as our little group stood together on the beautiful beach; Archangel Michael, My Higher Self, and I.

Archangel Michael

We are here with you today, and forever more with enormous love for all of you which openly flows from our hearts.

The miracles which are taking place within every moment of your lives are ceaseless and never-ending.  We ask you to look upon all changes occurring with your physical bodies, your hearts, and souls with delighted, enthusiasm for there is still much to come in the days, and months ahead.

This new year, 2014 will overflow with miracles.  They will not only appear within your personal lives, but they will become bluntly clear within your collective as well.

Look ahead dear ones towards a world of growth, change, and abundance at every corner you turn.  We ask you to hold this thought.  Believe with all your being this is the one, and absolute truth.

No longer shall illusions of separation come between humans, your Families of Light, or the Angelic Realm.  Most importantly, there will be no separation from the Creator of All That Is.  We are one dear hearts, and the time has come for you to take your rightful place with us, as family, friends, and beloveds.

This scribe was deeply worried about intruding on another’s territory, and credibility, if I may phrase this as so.  In all truth, she did not believe herself capable of hearing my words.

I lovingly reminded her.  Everyone is capable.  Everyone is loved unconditionally, and cherished beyond anything you could fathom.  Everyone is welcomed in my presence, and in the presence of the entire Angelic Realm, because my dears, we are family.  It is high time you believe this is so. It is real, and it is truth.

We ask you to speak to us from your heart.  Speak to the Divine Mother, to Yeshua, to the Creator.  When words are spoken from the heart, how can we not hear you?  Love is everything.  It is  also the universal language of all creation.

We are one. One family, one light.  We ask you to open the doors of your hearts, and when you do, you will find us eagerly waiting for you.  We have remained by your side since the beginning of existence as you know it, but there is still one threshold to cross, if you chose to do so, and each and every one of you know what this may entail along your personal path of ascension.

This scribe has stepped through the doorway with divine guidance from her Higher Self.  Her experiences have been “miraculous” her preferred word of description, but let me be clear.  All of you who are reading these words will experience miracles.  You will understand this truth, if you haven’t done so already, as our scribe is now doing.

The divine qualities you hold within are rapidly rising to the surface as you release what no longer serves you.  Many of you are discovering this presently.  Release what no longer serves you, for these beliefs and ways of being are not you.  There is so much more to behold, only life within the illusion has simply covered up the truth.

May I say, your truth has come forth, and it is glorious!

Dear ones, go in peace.  We shall speak with you again on another day.  Our scribe is easing into her new role now, and she will continue to do so, as many of you will do as well.  You are integrating with your truth. My dearest beloveds, you are awakening!