We do not depend on the peoples' acceptance to believe in our truth ... by Georgi Stankov

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Love Reporter Georgi Stankov


We do not depend on the peoples' acceptance to believe in our truth

Dear Bernice,

Thank you for your moral support. You are a master being yourself and you do not need any advice or recommendation from me or anybody else, who you should approach and how you should approach him. I am sure that your higher self will guide you to make the optimal choice. I only share with you, the members of the PAT, how I proceed in this case, but I do not expect you to use my style or approach. You have to find your own unique approach as to be really successful.

The ultimate goal should be that we reach as many people as possible in order to tell them the following basic truth: 

"There is another alternative to your present materialistic and pecuniary life, and very soon this will be the only alternative that will guarantee your survival. And this alternative is spiritual growth. You can start with this website, or any other website, to inform you as to grow spiritually, but you may as well reject my offer. It is your free will, It is my duty to inform you at this point in time what will happen to you  if you decide to go my or your way. Therefore, read this website and inform you and only then make your final decision. It is all about your destiny, not mine - I have made my choice and I know that I am save."

In practice, it is not different to what all religious preachers have been doing for the last several thousand years, but with one fundamental difference: 

We do not depend on the peoples' acceptance to believe in our truth as we know that very few will ever reach that far as to fully comprehend our truth. We are not proselytes. 

But the people must begin searching the truth now, if they want to progress sufficiently as to ascend in Dec 2012 and it is our duty to make them aware of this fact. It is, however, not our duty to take care that they follow our advice. This is their free will. After all, it is all about their souls - the End Times are the final harvesting of incarnated human souls. What will happen with the physical human bodies is of no importance at this time.

In love and light