We Want YOU to Be in Our Next Video!

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We are making another video, featuring photos of the Family and we want YOU to be in it.

Here is all you have to do.

1. Select a photo of yourself (as large as possible).

2. Write a statement and add your name the way you want it to appear in the video. Your statement and your name should be less than 20 words total.

For example, in my statement and name below, the total number of words is 15.

You are surrounded by LOVE.
All you have to do is let it in.
~ Rain

3. Email us your photo and statement at sendphotoforvideo@gmail.com.

 If you are having trouble reaching us, leave a comment here and we will contact you.

4. We need your photo and statement by the end of Friday, October 12.

Thank you for participating! It's going to be a wonderful video!

In case you haven't seen our last video, here it is. Please share!

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A beautiful tribute to PEACE,

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A beautiful tribute to PEACE, JOY, LIGHT AND LOVE TO ALL! I LOVE this video...Thanks to everyone who shared their wonderful words of LOVE and JOY..Perfect LOVE! Thanks Rain wonderful job! I LOVE YOU ALL! Sending Muvh PEACE, JOY, LIGHT AND LOVE TO ALL! NOW! :) <3


Thank you!

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Thank you, My Dear! You are so awesome! I LOVE YOU.


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Hi there Rain!

I also want to contribute to the second video, but where do I send my pic and statement to? Can you give me an @mail-adress?

Rain is refreshing but we need also a little bit of sunshine : )

Thank you for all your beautiful postings here!

Keep it RAINing now and then.

Blessings to all!


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Thanks Rain!

Pic and statement coming up! See you in de video! : )



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Awesome! Thank you!