Welcome to the Fifth Dimension – Shift Happens

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Changes at The Galactic Free Press to Mirror Changes in Our Reality

We would like to inform you of some changes we are making in our focus here at The Press.

We will be sharing less 3D news because The Matrix is crumbling and, although the mainstream media is currently keeping up a façade of “business as usual,” we don’t want to encourage or be a part of that.

This is especially true of stories about the banking system. We know that the new banking system is in place and that the switchover to the new system is happening gradually and that news of it will be released gradually so that people won’t panic. Again, the mainstream media is carrying on as if nothing has changed but we don’t want to support or encourage that approach. Therefore, we will not be posting any more stories about topics such as the possible collapse of the Eurozone or the devaluation of the dollar. We will post stories about the banking system that are relevant to and honest about what is really happening.

We have decided to focus on these 3D topics: weather and physical Earth changes, the new banking system, UFOs, disclosure (of all types), and Good News (such as stories about people reaching out to help one another). Our goal is still to provide useful information that is of the Highest Truth.

We would also like to invite all of our readers to take a more active role in The Press. Please let us know what topics you are interested in or if you have any other suggestions.

Please let us know if you would like to help. There are many ways you can help. You can volunteer to be a reporter, you can send links to new UFO videos or stories, you can submit stories you have written, etc. You can contact us via comments here or messages here or via email or via FaceBook messages. You are all part of our Family and we welcome your input!



Good News

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I think this will be a great shift. I tend to stay away from banking and political news anyways. I dont even want to put my energies towards that, or feed it in any way. I am looking forward to see what this turns into! Namaste' and I Love you all! MFG I would love to help in any way, if I see some great news or wonderful channelings I would love to send them in :)

Thank you, Michael!

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Thank you, Michael. I LOVE your enthusiasm. Your support is also much appreciated. Namaste, Brother.


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I totally support your choice to print the stuff that is part of the new paradign, let's take the energy away from the old paradign and act as if!!! Thank you for your amazing contribution! In love and light.

Feeling very blessed

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Namaste and blessings to all who's choice it was to move away from reinforcing a dilapidated 3D matrix.


In anyway I can be of service I would be delighted, the reporting comment leapt out to me, but anything you need I am here, in service to all.. Feel free to contact me, you have my email address.




Each morning I read through a

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Each morning I read through a few sites for the real news as I long ago vowed not to buy a newspaper and seeing this really lifted me! When I was a teenager I told my friends that there should be a "good news" channel in the morning with stories such as how many pints of blood were donated ( uk all blood is voluntarily donated!) how many volunteer hours work were given, how many new businesses started how many children were adopted... You get the drift! Anyway my point is thank you for reporting the good stuff keeping us in the loop and helping us to keep our spirits high! I'd be interested in background articles on your selves.... Spiritual backgrounds or journalism backgrounds.... Just because I'm curious ... Loads of love and a big grin x

Thank you, Brothers and Sisters!

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Thank you, Brothers and Sisters, for all your wonderful comments. WE ARE movin' on up! It's an exciting time and WE ARE ALL blessed to be together on this faaabulous adventure. Please keep sharing with us as WE share with you. Much LOVE to ALL.


Changes to the GFP

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Hello my brothers and sisters of this Great Family:


I read your posts and messages everyday and share them with my closest family and friends...don't know if this is enough, I feel that it's not enough and I want to help. Let me know how I can help. I would love to post a video of an UFO but never had that chance. I'll be the happiest woman on Earth if this happened!

I speak English and Spanish, I live in Santiago, Chile.

God bless you all and thank you for doing this!


Thank you, Cecilia

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Thank you, Cecelia. Maybe you could join us on FaceBook and share our posts with everybody.