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307 smallWritten on December 19th, 2012

I am feeling blissed-out in this moment after a very potent meditation that I am still feeling the effects of as I write this.

The energies accompanying this meditation were extraordinary and it seems that such energies could get stronger and stronger as we continue traveling through this alignment. I received a very powerful vision during this meditation that I simply had to write about because, given the report we have received so far and the reports we may continue to receive about feeling very strong effects from these energies, it seems that it could be significant.

I am feeling nearly intoxicated within these wonderful meditative energies as I write this [they don’t just “go away” when I turn my attention toward other things] so I will have to remember and express what happened in this vision to the greatest of my current extents. I should also express that I did not feel what I am about to express as if it were an out-of-body experience but rather, it is something I felt and “saw” within my third eye; again, as a vision of sorts.

I can remember feeling myself float upward out of my body, even while knowing and feeling that most of me was still within it. I felt slight vertigo-related feelings in myself as I received a continual latent vision of floating outward into the sky, and I remember greeting many others who also seemed to be floating upwards, away from their bodies. I couldn’t say that we were flying but we were certainly floating, and this seems significant given Archangel Michael’s descriptions of what some aspects of ascension can feel like.

I can remember that there seemed to be literally hundreds of us with transparent, astral bodies floating up further into the sky and we were all very happy to see each other. I remember a few specific friends being there but with the number of souls in “attendance”; it seemed as if the entire Lightworker collective had been invited to this astral “floating”.

As we floated blissfully, I can remember that we were all heading toward a determined destination; a portal or merkaba of sorts that seemed to be represented as our Sun, which we have been told will receive a strong boost of ascension energies on Friday the 21st.

The most spectacular part of this “vision” then occurred next. We all began to reach the Sun and personally, I can remember seeming to merge with the Sun and feeling nothing around me but pure, strong and sustained Light. I had no concept of time during this experience but if I did, I could say that I felt submerged in this Light for a few long moments.

I can still access this feeling and this Light in its full purity, even as I remember and write about it. I felt encompassed within this amazing Light and then, as quickly as everything had happened, I felt myself seem to fall very quickly back into my surroundings and merge with my current, Earthly body. I got the impression that this had happened to the majority of the hundreds of others who were in the sky with me; they merged with the Sun [or whatever the representation was for them] as well and then apparently journeyed back down to their Earthly bodies.

I am also getting a repeated flash of intuition that this very act, while seeming to have happened very quickly for me as I received visions of it, is continually ongoing as we speak and I’m feeling as well that the effects from whatever this is will begin making themselves known; perhaps slowly depending on our level of ability to adjust to something amazing like this, but quite surely.

To be clear – I’m not going to state that I’ve ascended or witnessed hundreds of others ascend. I’m only passing along the strong vision I received and if it hadn’t of “come at me” out of nowhere as I was finishing my meditation up, I would not be writing about it or even mentioning it.

All I can say is that I felt something powerful and it seems significant to have felt and received a vision that was clearer and stronger than most I have ever received, so close to the 21st which we’ve heard will garner supremely-pure energies coming to us through our dearest Sun. I am feeling that whatever happened could garner gradual but strong effects for all who are taking place in it, and that others may receive similar visions within their dreams, within meditation or in any other specific way that would be best for them to absorb such visions.

It seems that my guides knew my favored higher dimensional travel is astral travel during meditation, so they utilized my meditation to show me what seems to be happening at this time. I would Love to hear any significant experiences you readers may be having during this intensely energetic time, and having hoped to express what I’ve just experienced in the clearest way possible, I think I will get back to feeling these energies!

Wes Annac – Receiving glimpses of something wonderful.





An Interesting Vision From Wes

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Wes, I would like to know more about the type of meditation you used. Was a guided meditation or just going into stillness on your own?