We've been in war for a long, long time!

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Okay messege of the day: Jesse Loya

As far as we can see since the Annunaki (Reptilians) invated Earth,
They have been ruling this planet for about 300 thousand years,
And a secret of their agenda is that hey have been maipulating humanity,
... By bringing emotional trama to merge and destroy themselves,
Since Anunnakis also fight eachtother because of disagreement,
They use Humanity as a game plan to play some kind of a war game,
They control our goveremnts and our powers by bloodlines, our world leaders!

Lets take a look at us,
We been fighting each other for senseless and pointless reasons,
Since our middle ages we fought large wars, like Romans, Greeks, 300 wars,
Look at today, territorrial invasions, revolutions, world wars, operations and terroroism all since the 1900's,

Since the 1900's we've been in war for 209 years!!!!
Since the middle ages,
We've been in war for over 2209 years!!!!!!
Or We can call it Human Civil Wars on planet Earth in the Sol Star System!!!!!!!!

To be honest, the world has to Wake Up!!!!!

-Pleiadian Agenda