What are your true intentions? by Earth Ally Chellea

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What are your true Intentions ?

by Earth Ally Chellea

Are your intentions for self or for the greater good of humanity? With every thought, word and action, we create our realities. Where your intention lies, will determine the out come of your reality. If your intentions are of pure of heart/Unconditional Love, and soulfully for the greatest possible outcome for all, things will divinely Be placed to bring you the highest possible outcome. If you are struggling for your goals, then take a look at why. Ask yourself if you are intending the outcome for yourself or to an outcome to contribute to the betterment of us all. Once you have the purest of intentions you can move forward in Joy to achieve the highest possible good in all. Choosing Love means choosing to serve Humanity, Mother Earth, and all the Universe in Love. Serve love with your entire being. With full intentions of serving the highest good for all. Your true intentions cannot be faked. You cannot Pretend to be of love. Your true intentions will be seen. Many are teetering on the edge, Still holding on to the old belief systems and programed thinking. The ways of the old must be released. You must wipe the slate clean, Everything you have ever learned within this experience, from science, religion, history, even the concept of family values and morals, has been greatly falsified. All concepts of what was thought to be truth, must be wiped away, to allow the real truth to transform your being.

Is your intention to choose Love? If it is, then allow the love to transform your entire being. Become the Love you truly are. Make it your full intention to serve love in every moment. Connecting yourself to The love, of all that is. Love is the Truth, you have been seeking. Love is not a belief or religion, Love is Unconditional. Love is truly the answer to every question. If you are love then your intentions are at the highest good for all. Joyously allow the Love to transform your being, into the God that you are. Once your intentions are, to be only Love, then how you choose to serve the Universe is up to you. Stepping up and Participating in bringing Love everywhere Present. A simple smile, a simple hug, a simple focused breathe intended for the higher good, creates miracles. Every action, every thought, every word, becomes love.

Love is all that is. Saying in your heart the words “ I Am Love” Heals your soul and Vibrates the others around you in Love. Whether they except the Vibrations or not, you are serving Love. Send personal vibrations to your neighbor, Bless them in love. You don't even have to vocalize it. Just feel it. Know that you do make the difference in a powerful way. When your intentions are set toward the raising vibrations within the collective for the highest good, whether it be during meditation or just a sweet smile, That is exactly what you are doing. Trust it. Trust in yourself and Know, that you are that powerful. And it really is, that simple. Just be love. Make your true intentions to be One with all, To be and serve the love we are.





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LOVE rules the Universe!

Absolutely brilliant Chellea!

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Absolutely brilliant Chellea!  Love IS all there IS..Thank You for amazing clarity and sweet direction..Love at all times...wisdom. Love Wins. :) CHEERS!!! To the Highest good of ALL..LOVE! Tis the season and the reason we're here.. Love, Peace, Joy, Light, Abundance, Health, Bliss, Good Will, (((HUGZ))) :) and Awesome synchronistic moments to You and ALL! NOW! Love YOU!