~What does it Mean to surrender and Let go?~

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“Dearest Mother and Father God, if I may speak some thoughts of our sisters and brothers, I think alot of us have trouble with understanding exactly what it means to "surrender" and "let go" in terms of daily, mundane life. As you mentioned when you talk about the amazing private sessions you offer, each of us is unique and has unique circumstances to deal with...some may have children, or sick parents...or some other deep commitments that they feel they can not responsibly let go of. So, when you say surrender and release, do you mean don't force anything to happen...always choose love, always do the right thing, and know absolutely in your heart that when one door closes another one will open because as natural law it must for balance?


Do you mean that we should surrender to Love so deeply and trust that even if we are backed up to the edge of a cliff, we won't fall or even if we do, we will still be OK? Do you mean that in order for anything Higher to come into our lives, we must release that which no longer serves us/our Soul Mission/Divine Purpose so that there is room for this New and Higher Energy to enter our lives? Do you mean that in the empty, still, peaceful place of that void where we made space by letting go of all that "stuff" is from where we are able to Create our joy, whatever that means for each one of us? It seems to me that if more people had answers to some basic questions like these as it relates to their own particular lives, they would feel like they had a better "roadmap" for their path to complete freedom. If someone suddenly realizes they are asleep, aren't they now half-awake? If someone has keys in their pocket, wouldn't it be helpful if they knew where the door was? So many questions, but one more...if someone already bought the ticket, shouldn't they take the adventure?
With so much love

The Earth Allies Response: Our Answer was YES, Yes, Yes, and More Yeses!! Love Always Says YES!! We Intend this Helps Many of you, Our Eyes Just Light Up, as she Answered what so many of you we feel are at, WE Honor and Thank Her for Being The Love She is, as We Honor and Thank Each of You for Being the Love that YOU ARE. Everyone on this Planet is Equally Brilliant and Unique, the days of oppression, and inequality are coming to a close. We Are One!!


Love The Earth Allies