~What a nice chess move, Dear God.~

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What a nice chess move, Dear God. This remind me of dreamed Chess game:


"where dark queen played Check on our KING by moving it to E7 [at same time dark queen attacked our two white rooks, but not seeing it that this E7 was guarded by our Wh...ite PAWN [or pawn of Light].

By this move of dark, they lost their queen and ability to destroy any more of white knights.

By some fun and divine "accident" now every dark figurine on this board of 3D life, called Mother Earth, when came in contact with White Knights simply transformed in to completely white glowing being.

Not destroyed or consumed, BUT TRANSMUTED into White LIGHT, as these nice and kind White Knights do not destroy, they TRANSMUTE all in to LOVE.

But there will be quite some more very unheard moves from White side, as we progress to finishing of this 3D chess game called "How to discover Love, and let IT fully consume US?"

Very soon Chek-Mate is inevitable for Dark King, who will ask for forgiveness, and is going to be Transmuted to WHITE QUEEN. "



Dear Cuqui, I was playing Chess with my Dad quite often, where he tried to teach me logic and remembering all the right moves how to win...

But, as I am always finding ways to change reality, I was challenging him to give me deeper sense be...hind simple logic.

I truly recognizing my Fathers teachings as much more profound than barely remembering the best played games in history.


He though me with kindness of this game terms like: sacrifice for others, giving to others, accepting "defeat" by learning something from it [as later realized: similar what we do in our reincarnations], and one very funny and interesting trick, that He reviled quite later in our life's together, why he always like to pick WHITE side [where I was draw to Black figurines as they shine much more!?!....], lesson of transmutation to higher being by simply finishing to the end of other side of the board [ie. if you bring pawn to the end of board without being consumed, this Pawn is transmuted to WHITE QUEEN with so much power, so My beloved father had sometimes 3 or 4 queens around his King, and just "playing" with me like a child [wait, I was his child..]

Love you too dear Cuqui, for playing this beautiful game of Life with US all.

With Love, Predrag