When Is Ascension Coming? - Updated

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A new year, and a number of failed predictions for the previous year from various sources. I see the same patterns repeating themselves, so this message seems relevant again:

This is something we get asked continually, "When is Ascension?", "When is First Contact?", "When is The Event?". I wonder if people have any idea how long these questions have been asked? This whole idea that a day or a series of events would come along to solve humanity's problems is ancient, it can be found in Zoroastrianism which predates Judaism. And this belief that it's all going to happen "soon", do you know how long people have believed this? It's part of the bible, so at the very least around 2,000 years, probably much longer.

For thousands of years this day has been predicted over and over and over again, and yet it hasn't come. Even today, we seem to get a new prediction of when "it" will happen at least once a week. It's a shortcut to popularity by predicting something will happen, people like that. We see the stats on our site, and we know how popular those messages are. People really want to believe this, and I wonder if they're conscious of the same patterns repeating over and over again?

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results.

We've watched more of these predictions fail than I care to count. Even now, I know there's at least one prediction of something happening sometime this week, and another predicting something 8 days from when I write this. So easy it is to just believe someone else and wait, but is that how real change occurs? How long have people tried this for?

His disciples said to him, "When is the Kingdom going to come?"
Jesus said, "It is not by waiting for it that it will come. No one will say, 'Here it is' or 'There it is.' Rather, the Kingdom of the Father is spread out over the earth, and people do not see it."
Gospel of Thomas 113

What's a better source of telling where humanity's consciousness is at? Looking at the way they actually behave, or believing a channeler? The fact that we rely upon channelers to tell us where we're at, instead of looking and seeing for ourselves, says a whole lot about where humanity's consciousness is at.

Is humanity ready? Well, ready for what exactly? I know a lot of people think ETs are going to come share advanced technology with Humanity, yet I don't believe the ETs are that dumb. You don't give a gun to a 3 year-old, and you certainly don't give something capable of far more destruction to a race of beings who demonstrate daily they're not ready for that level of responsibility. How many wars do you think are happening right now, how often do people still kill each other? The more naive might believe the world is at peace right now, or there's only a couple isolated wars. I count 43 wars that have had at least some killing since 2013, and there's around 20,000+ deaths from these in 2014 alone [Update: Now 45 wars, and a total of around 175,000 deaths in 2014]. Is this a race of beings ready for Higher Consciousness?

On the internet, we have the ability to search the whole world for news stories, and cherry-pick only what we want to hear. You can believe the people in countries like Egypt are "waking up", standing up for themselves and doing something about a corrupt government. We even reported about this on the Galactic Free Press. Now that they have a new government, do you know what it's up to? Have you heard the recent news? They're planning mass executions, how incredibly barbaric! An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind, and I do not have much hope for the new Egyptian government when they behave just like the old one. Revolutions are often like that, ones that make substantial progress instead of just keeping people spinning in circles seem to be the rarity. I wont even get into the horrors happening now in places like South Sudan and Syria.

Is this what it looks like when humanity is ready for "ascension"? I don't believe that, collectively you would begin creating Heaven on Earth, not killing each other and poisoning the Planet. Even now when the incredible corruption of the business, banks and governments has been revealed, they still get to operate like they're "above the law". Collectively, people have reacted with apathy. They don't want to look at the ugly reality of what humans are doing, they want someone else to come fix things. So many people are waiting for an honest politician to come fix things, religious people are waiting for God to come fix things, new agers are waiting for ETs to come fix things. Meanwhile, the mess grows bigger while everyone waits for someone else to come clean it up.

This whole myth of external salvation is part of what keeps people apathetic and complacent. Every day I see it though, people claiming someone or something is coming along with the solution to all our problems. Meanwhile I don't see much lessening of our problems, at least collectively. The world's drama goes back and forth, progression happens, but so does regression.

Part of this disease is people believing it's up to a single person to fix the whole world. Often people believe that they're the "Chosen one" with the "solution". I personally know multiple people who believe they're the second coming of Jesus, the new "world teacher" or the Matreiya. It's a common delusion, and one our society actually encourages. People want someone else to come along and fix their life, to tell them exactly what to do. This is a form of ignorance, it stems from people not wanting to take personal responsibility, yet all the unauthentic religious and spiritual teachers encourage it.

You're not going to fix the world through avoiding personal responsibility. The world you have now is a result of what this collectively creates. You are responsible for the way your life is, not someone or something else, and when the majority of people really understand this, they'll start creating the world they've always wanted. They'll realize what a beautiful Planet they're already living on, and human beings will reflect that beauty instead of working to destroy it.

To some, it may seem like I don't believe in ascension, but this isn't true at all. What I don't believe is that the current behaviors of Humanity are going to get them there. There is slow progress being made, but it's not the kind of radical transformation yet that brings people to God. Collectively you're still inching forward, and when people are truly ready for Peace, they will collectively be choosing Love, not the fear that's still being spread.

I'm not even sure what exactly is meant by "ascension" for most people, it seems to me this idea seems caught up in the Christian religion. People want this day to come when all the "evil" people get what's coming to them, and the "good" people rise up to Heaven. To me, ascension is the realization that you never left Heaven, and it's the reawakening into your own Multi-Dimensional Nature. You don't need to go anywhere or wait for anything, in fact doing those will just push Heaven further away. Individually, you can choose this for yourself right now, though don't expect it to happen overnight. It's a process, and it's far more about living your own Life than expectation or beliefs.

When people are ready for ascension they will actively be creating Heaven on Earth, they wont be just believe and wait for it to come. Waiting and believing isn't really change, it's repeating the same mistakes of the past over and over again. I wonder if it has occurred to people that perhaps the ones who don't want change are the ones telling people it's coming soon and they just have to wait for it? It's a wonderful recipe for slowing real change, even politicians use it. Remember when Obama was the "change we can believe in"? And yet the U.S. government is remarkably similar to what it was before, in some aspects even worse.

I wonder if the "new age" movements are even really growing now? I know when 2012 didn't bring the changes so many were spiritual teachers and channelers were promising, a lot of people got very discouraged. I often see people getting fed up and leaving after putting so much faith in a failed prediction. These types of things seem to create division just as much as they unite people. I feel much of the "new age" movement is working to create new religions and belief systems instead of real change.

On the Galactic Free Press we learn though, we don't just try to repeat the same failed patterns again. We've switched focus recently to the kinds of messages that encourage personal transformation instead of faith in some channeler and their predictions. As a result, we've alienated many of our previous readers, I've noticed people would rather be told when the "new world" is coming instead of how they can work to create it. This speaks volumes about whether or not people are really ready for the Higher Realms.

So when is "it" coming, this miraculous thing that fixes our lives? For the people that didn't just wait for it to come, for the proactive people, the ones who understand what it really means to be a human being, Heaven already Here. There's nothing keeping you away except for what you believe in your own mind, what you hold on to yourself, what you alone are responsible for.

When will it happen collectively? So long as humanity perpetuates the current patterns they're in, it's not going to happen. They could break out of those chains tomorrow, or it could take a thousand years, I don't really know. What I do know though is that repeating the same patterns isn't working, and that the spiritual community can do a whole lot more to help things along than just waiting and believing.

His disciples said to him, "When will the rest for the dead take place, and when will the new world come?"
He said to them, "What you are looking forward to has come, but you don't know it."
Gospel of Thomas 51

For more of an explanation about why we get so many failed predictions, I recommend reading A Message To Those Who Read Channelings And The Channelers Themselves.


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RAspect and Sahlute to TRUTH!!
Had to share with a warning. IF YOU ARE AFRAID OF TRUTH, DO NOT READ. :-)

Love NaGeeTah

Since Adam and Eve

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Thanks Will for putting this important message out so well!!

According to the Urantia Book, the story about Adam and Eve, we have been looking up to an outside savior since that time. It talks about Adam and Eve coming here, and having such great knowledge about things (such as knowing every single plant) that the people started to look up to them as Gods, which was not what Adam and Eve intended.  From the universal experience of this event, it could be seen how important it is for humans to look inside of themselves for ascension, otherwise we cannot grow.  This story shows why we cannot just have ET's or any other light beings just show up.  We are still looking for outside guidance even today, and it is so important for us to get it right this time.  We are in a huge cycle at the starting point of a 13,600 year golden era, but because we are lined up near the Galactic center, we can gain a lot of advantage to pick up on those energies to really jump start this very positive event while they are here.  Sometimes it is only in hindsight that we can see how much we have really and truly moved forward.  Have faith, because there is a lot supporting this now!  Keep asking for the assistance you want from the Light Beings, Angels, Source, God as they are part of our team to make the changes in our world. Imagine if only the Boss at an office meeting was expected to get a project done, and everyone just sat around and waited for him to take care of it. It takes the whole team. Our positives will keep on having world wide and universal impact, and just as importantly be putting a smile on some strangers or friends face today.


We need to unite!

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There are all these websites, blogs, YouTube videos, Facebook pages, tumblr pages, wisdom quotes, new age speakers, organizations, companies, businesses, etc popping out. What we fail to realize is that we must take action and UNITE! Our power is through unity. Our wisdom and knowledge is all about unity and cooperation! We need to work together! We need to hear what we all have to say! That is what will spark people to find their inner truth so that they can express and contribute freely!

See! This is what I'm talking

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See! This is what I'm talking about! Those were brilliant ideas! But we have more power when other people join us and our ideas together. I totally agree with you. We need to stop seeing the government as some scary entity and take responsibility for it because we need to see that we are the government too and that we feed it. This is an age where people must become empowered in their heart space to become part of the "government" which everybody will be a part of! It is simply about doing away with the notion of "us" and "them", "me" or "you".

What can we do?

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In our meditations we can give, speak our intent for the highest good of things we want to see happen locally and globally.  It is a powerful place to have those thoughts that create our reality.  Believe it, feel it and it will have an impact. Formulate the positives!

Everyone's comments make me feel like there is still some pretty good enthusiasm out there for changing the world and encouraging those that have become apathetic or discouraged. It has been a long time coming, and it is easy to understand human nature needing a shot in the arm to keep going, to see things fresh again, to re-adjust, or maybe find a new personal role to keep the enthusiasm going.

I agree about the non-dual

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I agree about the non-dual aspects of what you said, but if you want to get to someplace, and you start walking in the opposite direction, you're probably going to have a very long and difficult journey. Part of why I wrote this message is because I see so many try to follow someone elses path instead of creating their own. I would hope that it's been thoroughly demonstrated by now that life doesn't work very well that way.


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LOVE AND LIGHT TO ALL:) muah love you!!!

I think 'ascension' is an

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I think 'ascension' is an individual experience here on this earth so one should work towards bettering himself or herself spiritually.  Everyone will develop according to his own pace.  I don't think that this will happen to all of us altogether but to some of us together, periodically and regularly.



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sorry to read your post which mean you haven't understand a thing about it.

but I guess you do someday..

And what don't I understand

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And what don't I understand exactly? It doesn't do anybody any good just to say "you're wrong". Simply putting a negative comment on something you disagree with sure doesn't do anything to convince me that large numbers of people are about to ascend.That kind of behavior is largely why I'm convinced otherwise.


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So after trying to read your drivel, I have come to the conclusion that you are almost as blind as the rest of the "sheeple" out there!  Can you not SEE that the world's people are beginning to RISE UP against their corrupt governments?  Can you not see that people who are not otherwise Spiritual individuals are beginning to awaken and ask questions about our place in this reality?  An example is how people are beginning to stop watching the major main-stream media outlets, in favor of independently run news groups who have very little to nothing to gain, other than their desire to bring TRUTH to the masses!  I am seeing more examples of these changes almost daily now!  No, you fail to see that there IS in fact an awakening happening, and by merely stating that there is NOTHING new happening is extremely false!  Try following highly committed heroes like Cobra or David Wilcock and OPEN YOUR EYES!  Changes are abound EVERYWHERE, in technology, Spiritually, awareness on our corrupt leaders, the vast amount of independent TRUTH SEEKERS popping up daily, etc.!  The list goes on!  No, we are in a very very special time in our time-line, and it will be a time like no other! 

Yes, we have to find our heart centers and love for ourselves, as well as the reality around us.  But this awareness WILL reach a point in the not-so-distant future, that on a collective level we will literally CHANGE our reality from the current illusion we now live in to one of HEAVEN!

Regardless of your personal beliefs, we are living in a time like no other in our history, and that will become evident to you in relatively short order!

The hostility your comment

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The hostility your comment begins with kinda goes against your argument that people are opening their heart centers. The fact that I see this kind of behavior so often is a big part of why I question how long it's going to take before people really do wake up. I'm not talking about just embracing spirituality, or realizing your government is corrupt, those are very minor awakenings, I'm talking about actually stepping into your Divine Self. That's still something very rare still, and I have a hard time believing it's going to happen on a mass scale soon.

People rising up against corrupt governments, that's been happening for hundreds of years. People questioning their place in reality, as far as I know people have always done that. There has been a drop in mainstream media influence, but that's been largely replaced by sites like Facebook, which is still tightly corporate controlled. Things are changing, yes, I'm not denying that, nor am I claiming there's nothing new happening. Truth is being made known, though as someone who helps to expose incredible levels of government corruption on a daily basis, I know how popular those stories are, and I have to say people are largely still apathetic towards those things. The world's government have been exposed as criminals, and yet they go on operating in pretty much the same way. In some places very positive things are occurring, but I don't ignore all the wars and slavery either.

It's one thing to expose corruption, it's another thing entirely to fix it. I don't think hoping and believing things are going to change soon is actually going to change anything.

I don't intend for this to be discouraging or insulting, but I don't believe a bunch of people repeating "It's gonna change soon" is actually going to change anything. In fact I see evidence that the decades of predictions that massive changes are just around the corner has done quite a bit to discredit the new age moment in many people's eyes.  People need to be the change, that's what's important, do you really think I'm so ignorant for saying that? Your reaction makes me feel you have some doubts about what you're saying. That kind of aggression is often an avoidance mechanism that keeps a person from looking within.

the real awakening

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The real Ascension is on the rare side..

I Feel That Is What ..Is Being attempted to be conveyed here..

The awakening is very simple..

it is in the present moment of now..

(Although we like people like david icke..david wilcock

and others...( I do not feel that david wilcock..is awake to the present

moment of now..he might be able to channel)

yet, the real Awakening is of a higher order

that is all

Tara Grace

A Recent Conversation

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Recently A person,

Was Telling Me how wonderful teal scott was..

And this lady has been on the spiritual scene

for over twenty years..I was surprised...

that she could not tell that teal scott

is not a fully awakened human being yet.

although she has multi sensory abilities..

she is still selling ego..

it was really shocking to me..

that people ..miss that sometimes

Tara Grace

About the Ascension process

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Dear Will, I know you posted this message a while ago but I would like to comment on it as I have just come back after a long hiatus. I get that you are disillusioned by what's happenning and what's been happenning in the world fora very long time. But the truth is we are very close to a whole new paradigm shift. NESARA is a law that was passed in 2000. It was not known or implemented because the powers that Be at that time made sure it wouldn.t be. The advent of extraterrestrials into our life here is close at hand and will come at the announcement of NESARA. The reign of the lizards is over my friend as you shall soon see. I ask you for the sake of your readers to be a little more positive and hopeful for the future. We need optimism not more and more pessimism. Things are not always what they appear to be. As far as actual ascension goes this will be a continuous process. It will happen gradually or when people are ready for it. The main thing is to get into living a golden age lifestyle which means NO more wars No more OIL drilling No more weapons production NO more lies and manipulation NO more raping ad pillaging of Earth's natural resources! It also means No more hunger and starvation too.We have the power to do this Will collectively and it will be done I assure you in very short order WITH the help of our galactic brothers and sisters once we have allowed them into our reality.Please try to have a little more faith. That is why this site was created in the first place was it not? Thanks

Some one told you that and

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Some one told you that and you believed it. That's all it took, it sounded appealing, you wanted to believe it and so you did. I'm sure it made you feel good too. And now you can repeat something that someone else told you, someone else's thought.

We're not going to be collectively contacted by Higher Intelligences until we cease that kind of behavior.

What is wrong with you?

jamesarthurmitchell's picture

Look Will, I have been doing research on this for a long time. I know what I'm talking about. I don't have to prove anything to you or anyone else. I think it is a shame you are so negative about all of it. Why are you even here on this site? The truth is the truth Will. There IS a Creator and the universe is filled with wondrous beings just waiting to make contact with us. If U can't believe that then I truly feel sorry for U. And You are not helping anybody here either. WAKE UP MAN! Stop being so angry. 

Are you sure all this

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Are you sure all this negativity and anger is coming from me? The fact that you think I don't believe there's a Creator or a universe of wondrous beings waiting to make contact proves that you're not even hearing what I'm saying.

Heaven Is Here Now, you can be your own savior in this very moment! Waiting for that to happen just pushes it further away. God Is Already Everywhere Present! You don't need hope or faith or internet research, just Consciousness to come to this awareness. You talk about a paradigm shift, while at the same time trying to get me to conform to the old paradigm way of doing things.

You're aggressively going after someone for not believing that same things you do. Look at yourself, really be honest about what you're doing.

Peace brother

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Look Will I don't know you and you don't know me. All I am saying is why can't we have faith in the future? In the process? Of course  God is everywhere present I know that. Perhaps I have a little more faith then most because of what I have been shown. What are we arguing about here? I'm not the only one who was unhappy with your post Will .All I am saying is try to be more positive. Otherwise what is the point? From what I gather I think we are getting very close to a major transition.This should be great news for you and everyone else. I don't know what your life is like but believe me a lot of us are struggling. But without our faith we have nothing.I guess only time will tell. 

You don't have to struggle,

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You don't have to struggle, your life can be beautiful right now! If you focus upon raising your own Consciousness, not only will you gain lasting Peace, Love, and God, but you'll be doing far more to help the Collective than just waiting and having faith that change will come. You'll actually be that Change.

I honestly feel that darkness wants everyone to wait for the Light to come, because that means darkness gets to continue. No need to wait for anything, the Light is already here, manifested as a human being called you.

"Love will come soon", you probably see that as a positive statement, correct? I see it as incredibly negative, because in stating something like that you're declaring unconsciously that Love is not here now, which is a lie. I think if you really look at what I'm saying, you'll find I don't fit very well into the whole optimist/pessimist duality.

I don't believe in the future. It's a fantasy, a mental creation, a distraction from the Wonder of the Present. This is the paradigm shift, not everybody just waiting and hoping for a better future. I can't help but observe that behavior hasn't been effective in creating change, but luckily there's plenty of people out there who actually are creating change through their lives.