Where are we going and Why?

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Where are we going and Why?


These days of the Olimpics Opening I watched our fb walls and our posts. Many show massonic symbols that seem to have shown up during the Opening. I feel the need to say something about this.

HUmanity's awakening has started at a mental level, as we were used to use our mind and we only trusted our mind to get any new information. With our mind we first found out we were not free as we thought. We used logic. 

With our mind and logic we started to find proves about who and how kept us slaves, and to find ways to change this state, how to rebel, fight, run free.

In that awakening stage many came to the surface that did all they could, even by risking their lives, to share with us the truth tey found. Many did loose their earth lives. They did an enourmous job for all, and we must be deeply gratefull for their Service.

In their research they found out all they could, how we've been blocked and how our power had been taken, the same power that is inside every being and that's also inside our brain and Heart.

They found out that those that contolled us did so using low frequency emotions (fear, hate, sorrow, rage...)

During our history they did teach us to channel these emotiong towards others, people, events, countries... The only threat was our thoughts about being in danger that lead us to attack others to defend ourselves.

This was their game.

Our awakening has now shifted to another level:

we did understand that any fight, be it internal or "external" creates the same low frequencies we want to dissolve. This way the fight simply changed its mask but not its outcome.


So how to "fight" it without creating it over and over again?


First of all observe. By simply observing without labeling with an emotional color. 

Second, accept facts as they are.

Third, give these facts Love Energy as these are the energies that helped us to awaken.

In this phase of conscious awakening we reached critical mass and those that controlled the Planet have no power anymore. They are starving to death as the low frequancy they used to be fed with are no more, they're dissolving into nothing.

They know that and try to do some last attempts to bring these low energies back to life. They started by doing so usong themselves! They want us to be afraid, they want us to hate them, to fear them, to feel any low vibration energy towards them!

Now's the Time for the last challenge!




We'll play their game or we'll refuse to do so. 

I choose to refuse it, by choosing to feel compassion for those that forgot who they are and are still fighting to preserve their illusion. I choose to help them by telling them they're safe in case they choose to stop fighing agains us (Love).


So yes, Olympic Games and their symbols... out of context they migh look as arrogance. But I saw the whole celebration. I saw the queen's face during the show. That show was wonderful. For the first time they told us the truth. For the first time they asked for forgiveness. They said "fairwell" for our Home Trip with our brothers and sisters from the stars. They made a bow of respect for in this duality game we won... by dissolving it.


 And you? What did you choose? Hate and fear, or Love?

Free will is a wonderful tool as every choice you take is fine for you.

Every choice you make will bring to you that what you choose. 

Becasue Unconditional Love gives without judgement, it accepts all and gives you all you choose. 


Our realiy's wating for us.

Have a wonderful Journey!!!


Love, Tanja (and the Earth Allies)




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Wonderful message. Thank you for posting.

I chooseheart

and enlightened