Who is NESARA?

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1.. There have been many attempts made to push NESARA to the background by  many people, because they think it is too good to be true. Of all the people I have asked about NESARA, 90% have not heard about it, while the other 9% remain skeptical on it happening and the 1% continue to be hopeful.  The way I see it, NESARA can happen, if more people knew about it and keep the ball rolling.

2. One of the main concerns of people is, if no one pays taxes, how is an economy going to survive? Yet, people have been paying taxes for decades, and what progress have been made thus far? Nuclear weapons and more pharmaceutical companies. The fact is, everyone thinks that they have done their bit for the country when they pay their tax, and it is the government’s responsibilities to take care of the rest. However, does the people know that it is the governments who are printing the money that they earn?

3. People are always fighting for freedom and liberty, without knowing that in their hearts they have always been craving for security and comfort. That is exactly how governments came to manifest, because people have not taken the responsibilities to govern themselves.

4. Is it not time for people to see the hypocrisy behind intellectual property rights? Dear patent officers, do you know that your decisions to approve or reject a product is what slows down the economy, and you go on fighting for GDP on the other hand?

5. Every invention and creation is manifested out of love. Otherwise, there is no way something can come to happen. Einstein worked 364 days except Christmas because he loved his work. His contribution to mankind is enormous. When you love something and create it, what rights have the government, or anyone for that matter, to evaluate your creation and put a license on it, and on top of that make it costly for others to benefit from it by putting a price? Is this the freedom you want? Because this is what we have been casting your votes for.

6. Money has become so important to everyone because the world has evolved to the point where everyone is programmed to believe that money can only come to them if they labor for it. However, does anyone know that every soul who is giving, will always have that money within their reach when they need them? Does anyone know that the thief who has stolen our money has come to reflect to us that we have been taking advantage of others?

7. Only because the social consciousness is at a level of laboring for fiat money, does it mean that it is truth? Only because everyone is doing it, does it make us lesser if we don’t? Only because the current government is working from the taxes we pay, does that mean they are more capable of making better decisions than us?

8. NESARA is the foreclosure of allowing someone else to make the choices we fear of making. It is not about whether it has been passed at the World Court or not, it is about each and every one of us to see through the illusions that have so long been going on. Do we really think that it is the government that can give us the freedom as promised by NESARA? Is not NESARA a manifestation of ourselves, as we begin to realise that our family is not a handful of people but everyone on Earth?



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