Why Friendly Spacecraft Are Often Invisible To Our Eyes?

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We and our spacecraft will remain invisible to your eyes, unless you were raising your frequency to match the level where we are, or vice versa! By raising or lowering our vibration, we can give the impression that appear and disappear. You can only see and hear the dimensional level that matches your frequency. As as you learn how to operate and adjust your frequency to collect a wider range of multidimensional levels, you will discover the myriad life forms that share the cosmos with you.

IITM:  Folks, we are to raise our frequencies to see the ships… there are many ways to do this…. love is the highest frequency for example… also most humans can benefit from a heavy metal detox, as the excess metals in our body, will slow the Light that travels through our system… also having dense thoughts and emotions will prevent anyone from seeing the ships. For example, if you are carrying excess heavy metals, in an acidic body, are constantly using foul language that limits both you and others, and operate from a value system that never sees the spiritual cause of anything only the physical effect… not only will you not see the ships… but your might not even be able to see your own toes!