Why shouldn't we try to build a better world?

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It look obvious to an ordinary man that everybody should try his/her best to build a better world. However, it is not quite what is best to do! Just look around yourself and see what damages have people done with an intention to build a better world! People have destroyed nature, society, and the very foundation of humanity with an intention to build a better world. In the THE TAO, it is recommended not to try. Not to try in a sense that let the natural flow of the universe manages itself in an appropriate way. If we could just recognize ourselves as a part of this universe, then we would realize that the universe doesn't need our help to make it a better place. Instead, any unnatural and forceful action of us would be unnatural and alien to this system and make it worse. Understanding this image would stop us from forcing ourselves and everybody around us to become soldiers of salvation. Salvation does not need militant fighters. It simply needs harmony. What is called in Zoroastrianism as the law of ASHO, is the harmony of the universe with which we need to fell and align our being with, in order to find salvation, Nirvana, heavens of GOD, internal peace, or whatever you prefer to call it.

Zen Masters and Alan watts refers to these principles in the following videos:




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