Will The People GET UP now & UNITE, please? #noDAPL #PEACE ❤

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"VIDEO: Dakota Access Pipeline Company Attacks Native American Protesters with Dogs and Pepper Spray": http://ow.ly/c9Jc303SkTI

GOD BLESS Amy Goodman's SOUL-FIRE from Democracy Now! I wonder if this example of the violent lengths some corporations are willing to go to get their 'precious money' will actually make People in this Country, GET UP and take it back. Shit's out-of-control, it's been that way for quite a while, and big oil's time is up. I wish The People would UNITE. It's The People that actually have all the Power. I wish they'd use it.Standing Rock Sioux Tribe Sacred Stone Camp Standing Rock Dakota Access Pipeline Opposition #noDAPL #PEACE +Democracy Now![http://goo.gl/X1KBGH & http://ow.ly/c9Jc303SkTI] ❤