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The Winter Solstice is one of the most important and powerful portals of the year.   This portal is considered a “power point’.  It is signified by the Sun moving into Capricorn, only degrees away from the Galactic Center, which is also a Portal….that is why the Winter Solstice is considered a Power point….…2 portals opening together!   Gateway….

When portals are formed they give us an opening to the Universe…..therefore giving us the gift of being able to connect with the Universe and receive….messages, higher knowledge, wisdoms, and activations of “what we already know, but have not yet come up into our conscience.”   We also receive many down loads during this time that can accelerate our evolution.   The most active and powerful time to receive these gifts is at the exact opening of the portal…..making it even more powerful when you are gathered with your tribe…..and or your community to receive. 

In the Northern Hemisphere, the Winter Solstice represents the shortness of days and of light. The Solstice Sun rises out of the dark…it is like a birthing….a birthing of light.  It symbolizes the point of the “return of Light”.   The energy and the light of the Winter Solstice will be prominent and continue to grow till the Summer Solstice.  During the Winter Solstice we have a special connection, almost a blissful feeling,….that connects us all, with the Earth, our Galaxy and the Universe.  In the Southern Hemisphere they are celebrating the longer days and more light.  They are having Summer! 

This Solstice  supports us in fine tuning the forms and structures…. that we have been developing and launching…as we move forward…. with our work of co-creating….making this into a dramatic year of change.

Change……Transformation….Urgency….and Chaos

Change is not easy and if it were…..we wouldn’t really be doing the work!  We have been with many things over the last several years…..and this last year….the Universe has become very serious!  Things are being put right in our faces, right in our face’s so we won’t miss them   We are now co-creating the new…. as things seem to be coming out of left field surrounded by chaos.   Remember….out of Chaos comes Creativity…….Creating the “New.”  

Actually the aspects of both the Winter Solstice and the Full Moon will be the same except that the Moon at the Winter Solstice is in Gemini…before the  Moon changes signs at the Full Cancer Moon.

The Gemini Moon at the Solstice brings in the energy of communicationaccented by the fact that Mercury….which rules Gemini….and this Solstice Moon…are also sitting with Jupiter (expansion, higher knowledge)  and both of them in Sagittarius….. which is also about communication which includes internationally.   The focus being on Truthful Communication! Speaking your truth….walking your talk.  The fact that this emphasis of truthful communication is sitting on the Galactic Center….is an indication that it is time to Speak The Truth…not only  internationally…..but throughout the Galaxy.

This Winter Solstice and Full Cancer Moon will be full of  lots of Communication….Talking….chatter…gathering of information etc. while being around the Holiday festivities.    

THE FULL MOON IS IN CANCER  and is peaking a few  hours later….but still in the energies of the Winter Solstice…..the energy of both events happening together! 

A Solstice Full Moon is somewhat of a rarity….as it happens about every 19 years.  Making for a very energetic and powerful Solstice/Full Moon.   Remember that Full moons are a time of releasing the things that we no longer are vibrating with. The Solstice is a time to make intentions… take some time and meditate…make intentions for yourself, family, community and the World…..and release what is no longer working.

Cancer is about Family….nurturing…caring…..Family gatherings….Home…intuition…and feelings……we are being asked to FEEL.  To feel the feelings between each other, our families, our tribes, humanity, and the Earth.  Cancer traditionally is the Mother, and Capricorn is traditionally the Father energy….the nurturer and the non-nurturer…..we are being asked to bring these into balance within families…..

We are being asked to notice if all interactions with family and friends, and within work areas and with the Earth… are being done with integrity and respect.

With this Full Moon in Cancer we are also being asked to remember the importance of honoring our mothers and the honoring of Mother Earth herself!  It is shinning a light on areas where we need to find our power….areas where we need to establish healthy boundaries……while operating in integrity and with respect. This Cancer Full Moon also is illuminating where we need to soften our “shells” and be willing to show emotion and nurturing where others are concerned.  Open your inner and outer homes to others, to your tribe, to community, to humanity… the nurturing and healing energies of Cancer can help the world and ourselves come into balance.   As we tune into the nurturing  energies of this  Cancer Full Moon….we begin to realize that as we nurture and support our inner lives…..our Soul light begins to build and radiate out so that others can see and feel our inner light.  We then begin to realize that our true “home”  is the light and Love of our own Heart!!

At this Winter Solstice Full Moon… the SUN is in CAPRICORN.  Capricorn rules the government, the military, the banks, corporate America etc.   Capricorn is about integrity, respect, maturity and to have the discipline to be able to focus on your goals, both worldly and for your Spiritual Soul growth. Capricorn is the sign of the Initiate!  Capricorn is about structures and the “old.”  We also have Saturn the ruler of Capricorn sitting with the Sun.  This is like doubling up on the Capricorn energies!   A real emphasis on the areas that Capricorn rules! 

 So during this Winter solstice……Capricorn is about mastering the material world.  The Capricorn energies of patience and timing are also present as we are receiving the Universal time through the activations of the Galactic Center and it is now mixing with the linier   time… don’t be hard on yourself….just keep purging and letting go. 

We also have a CARDINAL ”T” SQUARE in effect at this Winter Solstice and Full Cancer Moon…..with the energies of change, transformation, birthing of “new”, and Urgency!  There is a lot of instabilities and chaos in many of our (and the worlds) foundations.  The Cardinal T-Square consist of Pluto with the South Node, Squaring Uranus/Eris and squaring the North Node in Cancer.  Square energy is stressful and has a lot of friction tied up in it and requires a shift in perception…and then add in the Chaos of Eris sitting with Uranus and you have a very active situation that could become either volatile or initiating a cause with passion.  The choice is yours.   This Cardinal Square demands that we take responsibility for our own actions and recognize the consequences of our choices.  

Pluto, the planet of transformation is being squared by Uranus in Aries and Pluto is saying: that it only cares about the transformation of your Soul and the Soul of the Earth, Pluto does not care about Ego, what kind of car you drive etc., it only cares about your Soul, and it demands integrity and respect for all. Pluto is in Capricorn (which rules Corporate America, the Government, the Banks and the Military). Sitting with the South Node (the past that you need to release and move away from)

Uranus, is the constant of change, thinking outside the box and into the future with a focus on community and humanity), and it is in Aries (the warrior, the initiator, the winner, the pioneer, ego).  So Uranus is in Aries and is saying that we need to change and think outside the box so we can see the big picture and move into the future. We need to focus on community/humanity; we need to move from the “Me” to the “We.” 

Then you add in ERIS, which is the planet of chaos, discord, jealousy.   And with Uranus Eris squaring  the Pluto/South Node and also the North Node which is in Cancer.   Uranus/Eros is saying that we need to move away from and transform all the “old” structures that are no longer working in all the Capricorn areas and move towards the Cancer North Node of compassion, nurturing of family, taking care of others and using our intuition.

It is Uranus that is really activating things since Nov 6th…… and you can really see it this last week if you catch the Breaking News out of Washing DC.      This last forming of the actual Cardinal Square is really putting things right in everyone’s face so we can see it and not miss it.   This includes our own things….things affecting all humanity and the whole world.

I have said that Uranus moving back into Aries and re-forming the Cardinal Square  would be like Uranus’s last Ha Raw (as it moves out of Aries and into Taurus for 7 years on March 6th).   Making many changes….happen suddenly and unusually.  Also Uranus is sitting with Eris…and Eris’s energy is that of Chaos, discord, jealousy, etc.!    This is a very powerful Cardinal (birthing of new, urgency and change) T-Square.   These energies can be used on the high side (for good things) or on the Gray side (not so good things).   This is a time to make some powerful intentions and manifest that the chaos gets under some control and that Peace is on the horizon. Capricorn helps us to bring our goals and our manifestation/intentions  into reality…… by showing us how to ground them into the “new” structures that we are co-creating!  Meditate on this theme…..ask for guidance…..Listen and then manifest for Peace!

Remember to stay out of the fear that seems to be all around currently.  Staying positive and loving is the energy that we need to be giving out.  Remember that we are being given everything we need to support us…especially if we ask.

Enjoy the Holiday season with your Family and loved ones!  Enjoy the Cancer Full Moon energy…and the energies of the Winter Solstice.  Bring in and surround yourself with joy, family, love and many Sparkles!  These are all special gifts of this Winter Solstice and the beginning of the “Light” increasing daily.

This Solstice and Full Cancer Moon…. is bringing us a major shift that we are already feeling.   Go deep into yourself……into the darkness of this special time of year ……connect with your Soul….your Heart…. and with your Guidance.  Take this opportunity that is being given to us and connect.  The Universe is speaking loudly at this Winter Solstice/Full Moon........Are you Listening?

These are the energies affecting all of humanity and the Earth.  These energies also affect you individually, according to how they activate your own birth chart.

Learn how the energies activate your individual Birth Chart, through an Astrological Reading (my contact information is below).  Knowing how the energies are affecting you personally, gives you the ability to make better choices, and use the energies in the highest way. 

Feel free to share this update, in its entirety!   AstroEyes Evolutionary Astrology © 2018  Cathy Lindsey     All rights reserved.

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The New Earth Universal Ascension Stargate is open now, and it is the most advanced planetary/universal stargate to ever envelope the Earth, and it is the ascended life source of the New Earth Ascended Life planetary/universal structure which is the basic and original living creation structure empowering the New Earth Original Living Creation and Civilization.