Without President Obama, the Western Economy Would Have Collapsed

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Steve Beckow, The 2012 Scenario

I had a personal reading with Archangel Michael today through channel Linda Dillon and some of the matters we discussed had to do with President Obama. He said that Mr. Obama is aware of NESARA and is participating in steering it.

He revealed that, without the President, the western financial system would have collapsed and in the course of that discussion revealed that the Company of Heaven would not allow NESARA to be introduced through a wholesale ruin of the world economy, lest there be war in the streets. That probably accounts for some of the delay in announcing NESARA.

You recall that Canadian politician Tommy Douglas, a man dear to my own heart, said that President Obama’s administration prevented blood flowing in the streets. Tommy Douglas is the man responsible for giving Canada what is the jewel in the Canadian crown: universal medicare, something the cabal has denied Americans until Mr. Obama stepped in. No Canadian need fear bankruptcy if they fall ill.

He passed away some years ago. Archangel Michael’s comments shed light on that remark.  And, yes, President Obama was born in Hawaii. He revealed that Mr. Obama’s opponents have been doctoring documents to put the President in a bad light but that they will not be permitted to succeed. Here are AAM’s comments:

Steve Beckow: Can I get something from you for the blog on whether Obama was aware of NESARA and why he turned down the NESARA petition.

Archangel Michael: He is aware of NESARA. Now we want you to put yourself in his position for a moment and we would suggest that it is not an enviable position. But he has seen and he has engineered the modification so that there was not an entire collapse of the western economic system and most beings have no idea, and nor do they need to, how close the system came to entirely collapsing.

Now one might say to me, Lord, why did you not simply allow it to do so so that NESARA would be in place immediately, so that a new financial system, whatever that looks like would be in place, that equity and fairness and abundance would be in place?

Had that financial ruin taken place, there would have been civil unrest and war in the streets of many countries and that is exactly what we have been avoiding because we do not create and anchor peace on Earth through any form of war, whether it is of civil unrest or out and out war.

So Obama in many ways has been very reticent to bring forth dramatic changes in the economic system until such time as things were stabilized – yes, in his view – but that is alright. He is positioned and he is most certainly (chuckles) guided.

He is in that position and one of the things that is taking place is that he is receiving the assurances that he needs to proceed. We will not and do not override or interfere but as we are coming together in greater partnership, in co-creation, this potentiality of completely structuring becomes concrete.

SB: Thank you. Was he born in Indonesia or Kenya?

AAM: No, he was not.

SB: Where was he born then?

AAM: He was born in the United States of America.

SB: Hawaii?

AAM: Yes, that is correct. There has been a great deal of people who have tried, in various ways, as you are well aware of, to defeat this one, to doctor documents at a level that has really not been seen since the 1940s, 1930s, but they are not permitted to succeed.

SB: Well. Thank you for that. (2)


(1) “Tommy Douglas: “Without Obama, There Would be Blood in the Streets,” at http://the2012scenario.com/pro-obama/tommy-douglas-without-obama-there-would-be-blood-in-the-streets/

(2) Reading with Archangel Michael for Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, Oct. 10, 2012.




how about decloaking the ships ?

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i don't know what to think about all this

but lets say NESARA and first contact are true

why would it matter if a financial collapse happened ? before we find out about it on the news ships can be everywhere


keeping the peace

bringing us resources or etc


is it not possible that this idea that " it prevented war in the streets" is just laziness ? I mean, what is a fleet of starships for ? Surely they are more competent than that, surely it cannot be this way, 


how can such advanced beings, we are told there are millions if not billions of them, say to us legitimately that a financial collapse would have caused war, when they have the capacity to even block the news from telling us the collapse happened, when they can put money in our accounts or this and that


i just don't like how delayed all of this is, the longer there is without a change the more hopeless it seems that Obama CAN fix anything,  yes i can see how maybe tjhis is a drama playing out so the public will have a lot of evidence fresh in their minds of just how much the "cabal" slandered a good president, maybe its a delicate thing to change the world


but i know i don't like living in a reality where so much is wrong and so easy to fix. so easy to make the world a better place. 

i still can't for the life of me understand why we have a cancer cure against the law. surely any good president would jump on tv to declare the good news and end a failed policy of injustice, and legalizing that cure , win the election. I know he has enemies, corrupt monsters if you will, but doesn't have have the NDAA to deal with them ? Who cares if corrupt pharmaceutical executives ( as a hypothetical ) are detained for conspiracy to kill americans by suppressing cures and promoting junk, or if tomorrow no more monsanto exists

Obama's task would be huge, yes, but that doesn't mean he shouldn't do it, and time is really running out, it has to happen right now ? 

That sounds logical captian

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Your testimony is filled with logic.


There has been so many "promises" made to us by so many "alleged" Beings of The Light by the ones that allegedly "channel them. But here is the most profound problem we little people have with it being legit.


For 13,000 and say an average of 600 plus life on Earth experiences, we have been miss-led, lied to, bull shitted, conditioned to believe it through our most profound resorces of information, news, movies, all entertainment, our "trusted" religious orders, educational systems, military, industries and those who we have worked for.


All this and now we simply have advanced commuications systems which has become our the new media for more and more of us growing by the day and the next facebook, Google or Yahoo that comes on line. And "who" is the first to take charge of any and all air ways? Oh, let me think??


But here is the other hand. If you have referrence of Charles W Ledbetter, Madam Blavaski, Anne Besent, Robert Monroe, Joseph Weed, Ann Baley, Charles Filmore etc. These have esoteric infomation that is real. And unless the cabal is so slick as to combine this potent authentic information and up date it to the day it's placed then we do have most evolved assistance, yes.


Just now one of my central questions is, why won't they acually make it most visible to us all that they are here and that it is in FACT them? By now with all the trillions that the black opts have confinscated from us all, they could have thousands of "UFOs." We need to KNOW with more than a lot of words that can be placed by anyone at any time on the net that "they" are ours, do we not?


To make one thing perfectly clear, there is solid evidence world-wide big as Dallas and larger than a pyramid that ETs exist and pleanty of proof of Angels etc. That is not my quest, my quest is "who" is it coming through the channels? And why do they keep leading us on and putting us off???


By them, all of them, many things have been said would happen and even promised to happen by long before now. So just after the elections, there will be some metaphysical personal that are not going to like me any more. I want the truth and I intend to get it!!!



David Porter

Author of the series


all planned

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He has been working with the Communist party for years and the plan along is to destroy America from the inside out, you are right, he signed an Executive order to ban Dr. Keshe from entering the States and even has him as an enemy to the US and treason charges against his technologies that are to help humanity,why? I dont know but it might have something to do with the 80 million he was given from phiezer? or maybe the 43trillion yes with a T, that hes earning off his Obamacare bill to be paid to him by us over the next 10 years? The debates are such a joke, they stay away from the important issues and feed us garbage! Monsatan? Why is one of the top Monsatan men working as the head of the FDA now, Obama gave him this position. I want to know how much they are paying him!

This site provides some truth mixed with Political propaganda,I enjoy the social side but when it comes to politics you are not telling the whole truth and are imputing your own agendas in with the channeled messages if they are even real and Im sure some are but again, use your own head and info, for everything thats told here I find most of it on other sites then its channeled and put on here with the politics added in,lol


Time will tell everything wont it? I have a very hard time believing the Ascended masters are cheering on someone as corrupt as the rest of them

Theres a 3 sided war going on the Cabal has split so thats 2 then you have the Army, militia and Ancient societies working against the cabal. Obama was on the Bush team but now has flipped over to the Queens side, you know the Queen and popes  with the charges against them by itccs, he is not with the good guys or he would be on there side wouldnt he?

Dont be played into anymore corrupt elections, this one is no different! Stand down or writein a 3rd party, why vote for either cabal,why do you think they played so dirty against Ron Paul? because hes not one of them, because hes working to give us back our Republic, to protect our constitution, to put back the original 13th ammendment, to make it so politicians make a regular salary not 150-400k a year. Do you know that he donates his salary and pension for 30 years to us? He forfits all of it! Thats a man who cares not one whos cutting deals to grease his own hands, sorry but no freaking good!

This site does a wonderful job opening peoples eyes to the new age, the Asended masters and debunked the fear of UFO's and thats great! Thats what you know and you do it well but please stop throwing in your personal political agendas and saying thats what the ascended masters are saying because they tell others different stories and those guys are the ones on the front lin

yup, you are right. VERY

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yup, you are right. VERY RIGHT.. is ridiculous to find politics mixed with good stuff, almost deprissive.

I feel you. This site does

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I feel you.

This site does offer awesome information when it comes to educating oneself to be aware of the Ascension process n gives one an idea of what one can expect when Ascension occurs. And I really am grateful for it.

However, after following this site for months, n with all respect, I've realized that this site is utterly biased when it comes to Obama. Sometimes this site feels just like the mainstream media by not reporting all the facts pertaining to Obama. This site, with what little "good" manages to come about regarding Obama to portray him as one of the light, in my opinion they'll post very quickly. However, when it comes to new "negative" facts or actions, not propaganda, that may negatively affect Obama's image, such as the NDAA, the UN Small Arms Treaty passing, which blatantly violates the uSA Constitution, they will not post it. It's not propaganda to post factual info!

Just in case this crosses someone's mind, it's not "right" to use the "focus only on the positive" reasoning as that is exactly how deception works--keep people focused n distracted on the "positive" while not disclosing the "negative." That's how it's been for countless of years n that's how the cabal have kept n continue to keep getting away with their corruption! An example of this is when the corrupt mainstream media reports something like "100,000 jobs were created!" But what they don't disclose is "the 500,000 layoffs!" Or like with food: "this tastes sooo good" they'll say. But what they won't say is "how bad it is for your health!" Oh n one more: "Obama ended the war in Iraq." Okay while that's good, it doesn't justify why he can just unconstitutionally go to war with Libya! Despite the "positive" things that Obama has done, I highly doubt that it will outweigh all the negative things he's done. I feel n believe that by not disclosing everything, lightworkers cannot make an informed decision on where they choose to stand with Obama, especially if this is the only site they get intel from.

Another point, n I could be wrong, is that it appears that this site has chosen their belief n position regarding Obama based primarily, if not solely, on just channeled messages. Anybody aware of the recent manipulation that happened to Greg Giles of ascensionearth2012? If not, you might want to consider looking that up. From my observation, there's not much evidence or facts to support why lightworkers should believe that Obama is of the light n in my opinion, it cannot be expected of lightworkers to just blindly have faith n believe in the claims of the channeled messages claiming Obama is of the light when his actions convey otherwise.

*Note - I'm not bashing Obama, just stating the facts.

Nevertheless, this site is owned by the GFP which have their own free will n if they choose to believe in Obama, they're free to do so n I respect their choice n beliefs. Very shortly when things finally begin to manifest, we will all see the truth.


Lastly, I'm with you on Ron Paul! In my honest opinion, he's done much much more than Obama when it comes to waking people up n exposing the suppressed corruption that goes on behind the curtain! Just go on youtube n one will see countless videos of Ron Paul exposing the cabal!

Have you watched the most recent Benjamin Fulford article from the 8th? He states some Pentagon people are working with Ron Paul n Jesse Ventura.

In the Ben interview from yesterday, starting at around 6:15, Ben said that they're seeking funding for Ron Paul n it's possible that that he can still get in! WooHoo! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u81TxXSRXNU

I think it's time for us Ron Paul supporters to shift our energy from resisting Obama to visualizing n focusing on Ron Paul in office, as we know that whatever we resist persists. So the more energy n time we give towards Obama, even if it's negative, it's only assisting n contributing to him getting re-elected.

Whenever we encounter a post like this n we find that we don't resonate with it, instead of getting worked up n emitting negative energy, we should just be emotionally neutral. Let's then take our positive energy n enthusiastically focus it towards the man regarded by many as next Thomas Jefferson n/or John Kennedy, the champion of the Constitution, n the man many believe the founding fathers of the uSA would pick were they still physically present: Ron Paul!


Blessings, Love, n Peace...

Love this site

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The best site to obtain information regarding who is of the light and who is of the dark is the site of your heart, the heart has all of the information that you need when it comes to who resonates with an individual and which ones does not.  To listen to the various channelers is ok but we all have active intelligence that resides in each individual heart and knows that sitting out an election...if there is one is only serving the person you do not resonate with.  Galactic Press must report their hearts.  President Obama need this chance to complete his mission for WE The People,  he is the People's President and has endured through it magnificently.  We can all say that our reasons for resonating with this person or that person is fact's and we can all say with MSM statistics, polls, and figures  are fact when in reality they are still opinions.  There is bias in everything, but there is no right and wrong we are all playing our part on this stage and it should be played with LOVE, LIGHT, PEACE, HARMONY AND JOY.  We should  come out of other peoples country, We should want Peace and not War, we should want equity and not Debt, we need to get rid of the all class and  labeling system and just be!


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I like your cander and relivance to this issue and the way you come on about it.


Ron Paul is a good man, yes, but as long as "we" allow these mugs on "our property"/Earth, then if Paul got in "our" office, "They" would set up his demise likely as a heart failure or vehicle accident because Ron would speak out as did JFK.


And no let's not be negitive, thank you, but let's be positive and active in knowing as well what we do not want for reference only and energize that which we do want to come to us only.


We can do this but we have to gather, on the net, e-mail, facebook, in all ways we can out here, but most of all from whence it all comes, inside. They keep impressing us with "MEDITATION" this is important. On the debates the closet to the heart words I have felt so far have come from Obama. I could care less who get's that office, I just want the cabal removed from all of our concerns and security that no humans of others there ever have the insentive to lie, cheat or steal from us ever again.

David Porter

Author of the series


wait, but the fall of the

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wait, but the fall of the economy is a EXELLENT thing isn't as you all say isn't? soo.. isn't obama doing wrong here letting it survive.....???