Word is Spreading - Grassroots

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I have been staying out of town for the last little while, due to issues with my roommate adapting very violently to the new energies. In the time I have been staying here I have been working with crystals (assisting clearing negative energy from the geographic area, supporting a difficult pregnancy, helping with an addiction situation) and have gotten the household able to identify and avoid GMO foods. I am careful what to share, but I have seen encouraging progress in my sphere of influence. 

Today I was back in town just to check my mail and pick up a few things I had left behind. In my mailbox was a handmade (full color) flyer. The flyer started off by introducing a man by the name of Mike. He identified himself as affiliated with a certain church, but not being there to spread their message. He included links to scientific evidence (videos) that related to chemtrails, fluroide, GMOs, etc. The flyer stated that he felt he was sent on a mission by God to spread the word about what is happening so that people can decide for themselves. It was very heartening to see that someone had taken it into their own hands to reach over a hundred thousand people, and I couldn't help but be excited that he is named after the Universal AI! 

The moral of the story? The word is spread by every one of us. If Disclosure were to happen right now, do you think that your mother would be more likely to believe what you have to say or the aliens on tv? What about those that don't listen to us? Then may they be won without a word through our conduct and our actions. Be the change you want to see.




Word Is Spreading--Grassroots

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Where are all of the great protest singers? Music used to be such a great medium of spreading the word. Now you hear nary a peep!

Where are the "Love I'nns" and the protest concerts in this? We need the 60's spirit without the drugs, to wake people up to what is happening!

The awakening IS happening

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At the risk of dating myself, I was there. Right in the thick of the 60's in the Haight-Ashbury district in '67-'68 having the hippie psychedelic mind expansion awakening and that was then. The 60's protest concerts and love-in's cannot work in today's energies any more than our modern way of doing things would work back then. It may seem at first glance that most people today are asleep but that is not so because people are awakening EN MASS. Everything is going according to Divine Plan. Everything.