Working with Crystals: Tiger's Eye

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For as long as I can remember I have had a love of rocks and an affinity with crystals and gemstones of all kinds. I can remember visiting a science shop and spending hours looking at the different kinds of stones. Although I did not have the funds to purchase these crystals at the time, I often would collect rocks during family trips - including a piece of hematite that gifted itself to me at an amusement park. When I enter a metaphysical rock store my entire body vibrates with frequency of thousands of crystals. When the bible wrote of the stones crying out in witness, I believe this is what it meant.


Crystal of the Day: Tiger's Eye

Tiger's Eye in general is a mixture of earth and sun energy, thus assisting in bringing spiritual energy to earth. This can result in balancing the lower chakras and also stimulating the rise of kundalini energy. Tiger's Eye is also adept at balancing male/female energies, which can help alleviate depression arising from imbalances and other psychosomatic illnesses. It also improves communication between both hemispheres of the brain, enhancing lateral thinking, problem solving and releasing blocked creativity. This can resolve dilemmas of all kinds, including internal conflicts of ego.

Tiger's Eye also supports making changes (especially with regards to addictions), healing self-worth/criticism issues, recognizing the wants vs needs of yourself and others, and having the inner resources to accomplish goals with clarity of intention. This can aid with issues of personality or mental illnesses. 

Special Properties of Certain Colors

Blue - calming, stress relief, phobias, quick-tempers and anxiety. Slows metabolism, cools overactive sex drive, dissolves sexual frustrations.

Gold (most common form) - attention to detail, acting on reason rather than emotion, assists with tests or important meetings, guards against complacency

Red - overcoming lethargy, motivation, speeding up metabolism, increasing low sex drive

Uncommon Form / Additional Properties

Hawk's Eye - healing earth energy, grounding energy, physical vigor, clairvoyance (also other psychic abilities), works with Base Chakra, Place in the NE corner of the room to attract abundance, dissolving restrictions (including negative thought patterns, pessimism, and bad habits), finding the source of emotional blockages, taking responsibility for your problems

Healing Placements

Naval Chakra - spiritual grounding and facilitating manifestation of will, anchoring change
Third eye Chakra - psychic abilities, balancing chakras, kundalini energy
General - worn on the right arm or as a pendant 


Tiger's eye was carried as talisman against ill wishing and curses. It was thought to do this through demonstrating the correct way to utilize power, with integrity.