~Worldwide March of Millions on World Freedom Day, March 6, 2011 is Designed to Address THE PLANET~

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2011 February 21
by Steve Beckow
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I’ve been asked to identify the issues that the Worldwide March of Millions on World Freedom Day is designed to address. Of course I can’t identify all of them. The list I’ve produced here is biased towards North America. I encourage you to send me suggestions to add to this list. I’ll continue to update it. The original can be found at http://stevebeckow.com.
This list can serve to produce individual placards or can be handed out as a list of our demands.
If you’re looking for a way to contribute to the WMM on WFD, please send this list to anyone and everyone you know. Send it to world leaders. Send it to influential people. See that everyone reads it. That in itself will be a huge contribution.
WFD is our opportunity to end the rule of the dark on this planet. Please participate by making a placard bearing one of these messages and marching on March 6, 2o11 at noon.
There is no need to worry that WFD/WMM must be organized. Simply show up at your town square with a placard and/or hand out this list of issues to people you meet.
These are the issues we wish to see addressed.

Planetary Control

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