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Hello all.  Writing. I have never been good at writing.  I have a family of writers. My dad writes music, my sister poetry and small stories.  I have always considered myself more of a listener, a collector of information, knowledge, emotions.  However I continually am pulled to share my knowledge, wisdom.  I ask myself, what wisdom and knowledge do I have to share??  But here I am, to share.  it keeps calling to me to. I have lived quite a rocky road.  My childhood was wonderful full of laughter and backyard cookouts music and parties. My parents did their best to ensure we were fed, clothed, in church, giving and loving to one another and those around us.  We always accepted everyone no matter what walk of life or ethnicity background or paths they chose to take. in a service or maybe someone had just said it to me, I cant remember, be careful how you treat another human, no matter the outward appearance because you never know if that is Jesus or and Angel.  I have always held onto this.  And so with everyone I have come across, especially those who have approached me, I keep that in mind.  What if this is an Angel, What if this is Jesus, I did not want the report to God to be that I was not loving, kind, understanding, helpful, honest in my actions to the individual.  There have been challenges in life. Tests of devotion and I haven't always stood in the best intrest of myself to stay connected wholly to God and his teachings.  I always held it with me my faith and hope. I had strayed from the path of love to wallow or give in to the want to give up.  But I held onto believed in so hard those teachings from childhood implanted seed of God and spirit.  I'm slowly gaining my footing again.  Reconnection with my spirit side and releasing the ego that so long took center stage and now I hear write.  I'm unsure what it is I am to write or where.  Here seems a good a place as any and the what, well I guess that will come to me in time.  So I will use this as my paper and God And Spirit as my guide and do as instructed.  I don't know if these will even been seen, or if it helps anyone, but I start, I begin.  To new beginnings!!   Have a blessed wonderful day!!!