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Peace & Blessing
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I have created a list from the *new* I Am University I hope you find it of interest & useful for your spiritual growth & development.

Many Blessings
Esta Lior


    1. 50-Point Cosmic Cleansing Meditation ~ Dr Stone of I Am University
    2. Illustration Models {A few of 100}
    3. Free Audio Material for Earthly Service
    4. Prayer Request
    5. Eastern & Western Pioneers {Saints (Love-Embodied Wisdom)}
    6. One (1) Two (2) & Three (3) of 365-Spiritual Growth Tips & Mini-Coaching Session

        A Word of Caution to beginners on the Spiritual Path
        Three prerequisites to succeed in meditation
        Life is a battlefield and how to win this battle

    7. I Am Lord Krishna YouTube Video
    8. Light Masters Atse Gallery
    9. Adieu
    10. The Great Invocation {Long Version}
    11. Wesak inc. The Ultimate Golden Chamber of Melchizedek Ascension Activation Meditation
    12. 1212