Yeshua ~ Take Your First Steps Into Your New Life ~ December 14, 2012

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Yeshua ~ Take Your First Steps Into Your New Life ~ As Channeled through Fran Zepeda ~ December 14, 2012


baby's firststeps6Yeshua:

Hello dear ones. I come again with more thoughts and assistance for your ascension process.

Each day is a marker for your growth, and decisions based on Love and clear intentions are key in these waning days of duality. Much has been said and touted about the “end times”, but it all comes down to this: Are you ready to change your life into one that is free and abiding with all that is Compassion, Joy, Love and Harmony? If the answer is yes to that, you are almost there; you are ready to slide into the Reality that only encompasses that, dear ones.

I don’t have to tell you how beautiful and full of Love and promise you are. Well, I will say it again, anyway. And you are so loved. It is apparent right now that you are at a crossroads. You can surrender yourself completely to this new World or you can let fear or attachment hold you back. It just takes constant examination to see what is there in your hearts still to release. And my dear friends, so much has been released. It will not go on forever, but you are well advised to dig and root for anything remaining that tethers you from freely flying, from freely accepting your new life and orientation into the 5th dimension.

The building blocks are there, and you have been laying them with your concerted efforts to connect and spread Unconditional Love to all, including yourself – especially yourself, right now. Right now you cannot hold too much Love and Light for yourself. Please keep up with your meditations for Unity, as I have talked about, but keep to the discipline of holding as much Love for yourself as possible. And yes, bring in the Light codes that will transform you, daily and several times a day, holding your bodies and hearts open, wide open to receive. I cannot say this enough, dear ones. No holds barred, full steam ahead, as they say.

What you may not be aware of, my beloveds, is that you have done this many times before. Some of you have remembered this, some have not, but it doesn’t matter; trust me, you know how to do this. It just takes surrender and intent and complete and utter openness. To use the analogy of the baby again, be like that innocent accepting open child who knows she or he is taken care of and is loved beyond all measure. It fuels all its actions; it is a basis for all the ventures into the unknown it must make every day, all day. Everything was new at that point; with complete abandon, that child embraced everything with innocence and curiosity and confidence. Yes, it is much like that for you now. You did it once. You can do it now; you did it many times in your history, for most of you, and certainly with other dimensions of yourselves.

You are learning to float through your day, listening to guidance and acting on it, enjoying the stillness and the peace as if it is the main part of your day, certainly a very important part of your day, and it will comprise your day more and more as time goes on. And you are learning to accept and cherish and abide by your divine nature, your lighted nature of Love and Knowing that all is proceeding in Divine Order, unique to each of you. So relax….everything is going according to Divine Plan and you are infinitely protected and guided, if you just allow it.

My dear friends, you are on the cusp of great change….Are you ready? Take your first steps into your new life, with compete enthusiasm and Joy, as a child takes its first steps into its new world. You have all you need to do this, and all it takes. You just need to be open for anything new that beckons you from the Light. You know how to do this. We are there to take your hand if you need us to.

My dear loving sisters and brothers, I leave you for now to ponder my words.

Your loving brother, Yeshua

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