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~As Each day Passes, we Are Moving Closer and Closer to The Destiny of This Planet, which is the Return to Full Consciousness, Your True Nature as Divine Royal Angels.


We know Many of you find it difficult to Grasp that Indeed you and all Of Humanity are Royal Angels, and that You Have Wings!! This Truth was kept far from You for A very Long time, and even though for Years, Kryon has Mentioned this Truth, many of you did not quite Understand the Magnitude of Who You Truly are. Reaching Full Consciousness, you Will Remember This Truth of Being a “Royal Angel”.


Royal Angels are of the Highest Kind, and were the Only Angels That received Souls. Each Being on this Planet Has a Soul, therefore You Are All Angels, All Masters, and You Are Our Children in Creation. We were the Ones that Gave You Souls, so that You Could Experience, Life Here on Planet Earth=Heart. When We say You Have Souls, this Also Means You Are God. We are God and So Are You Equally So!


You also May find this hard to comprehend, since God has Been placed outside of You for so long. We have said before, if God Were to Hide Anywhere, Would He~She not Hide within the Human Heart? Each Being on this Planet besides having a Soul, also Has a Beating Heart. You Are God, which Means You Are Love, and this Means You Are Spirit. Each of Your Souls are Also Directly Connected to Father God and I. This is why we are Humanity's Final Test. As we have Said, When Each Of You remember Who You Truly are, You can then See US, and Know indeed it is US. You Will Rejoice in this Family Reunion.


~ You cannot Give God an ultimatum, You Can Only Give God your Resume.~


We Love You Love, Mother and Father God and The Earth Allies




What a Synchronicity!

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FatherMotherGod, I was just thinking about this a few hours ago!  :)  Much Love to you ~