~You are in a magical time~

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You are in a magical time in your world where the veil is thinned and there are powerful cosmic and astrological aspects present. One of the most potent and useful opportunities to work with these energies is in terms of personal power; how and where you have lost it and calling it back home. In many cases it is just the act of utilizing power in a sovereign and responsible way. This is one of the great illusions and malformations that is being corrected in the outer world. As you call your power home in gratitude and blessing, you invite others to do the same. As in the expression "Espavo," thank you for taking back your power.

In this New Moon cycle there is potential to reach great depths. Some will use these energies to explore the depths of suffering, which has become "old hat." We invite you today to explore the depths of joy.

It has been said that the love of money is the root of all evil, but actually it is the fear of money that causes the distortion. Money is just the energy of Source in motion, and to Love it is a proper attitude. Not in a greedy or unwholesome way mind you, but with a gracious and thankful heart. To fear anything binds you to it. You must let go of fear in all forms, especially fear of your own greatness to create an abundant life. ~ The Keepers, 10.26.11