You are on your way to experience those miracles which you are yourselves

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 Archangel Raphael through Marc Gamma ~ 19.10.2013

[Original language German, translated by (Contra)Mary]

My beloved humans here on earth, this is I, the Archangel Raphael, speaking here. It’s time again to submit to you a another new message since there is quite a lot to report to you.

Presently everything is running here on earth much faster than before what you experienced here in the past. You might have notified this already yourselves that everything around you is passing away before your very eyes in some speed never been experienced before.

What are the reasons for such event?


Very simple! Time is about to dissolve itself and one of the consequence of such process is that all relation versus time will disperse – which your minds are so much used to – and eventually will implode into itself too. This sort of implosion will lead to some other consequence i.e. that you will in next due time perceive your surrounding always in some differing way to each other.

This sort of change again will carry some more wonderful effect and you will become aware that it is especially you which profit the most of it. You will acknowledge that you will obtain more and more time for all your doings which you love best and enjoy most. Everything else you do not enjoy so much will pass by faster since you do not want to be in such surroundings.

You will start to manipulate time subconsciously and unwillingly. Well, in the real sense of it you do not manipulate it. It is more that you are able to perceive time in some different sense of it than before and being your very own creator of your surrounding and your very own illusion you will begin to exert your influence on everything that surrounds you. This will become a most exciting experience for you and I do recommend you to take my words very seriously.

There are matters in preparation for you which have not been submitted to you before. A few people like this channel have been informed about it already. You will obtain some sort of dispense. Our Creator, our heavenly Father, is about to release to you some divine dispense and thus will open up something wonderful to you. Look forward please to receive something wonderful which now is about to manifest itself into your Timeline of Now.

Just crossing over to some other topic, my beloved humans. There are wonderful matters going around and passing over Earth. Wonderful matter of incredible beauty are on their way to infiltrate into your consciousness. New reality is building up step on step since the old one is turning to scrap. Illusion starts to dissolve and soon there will be the NOW when you finally will be able to leave it altogether.

Already soon this all will happen. Be patient since such matters need some time to evolve und to be manifested in your Timeline of Now as such is subordinated to some precise and coordinated activity so that “cause and effect” may run in perfectly divine perfection. All of us: Archangels and your Galactic brethren and sisters are in the go to support this sort of process from all parts to it. Also those being tasked in such reference here on earth are in assistance to support this so essential process of dissolving illusions.

Be set and prepared for all that will come – be prepared to leave all illusion and be set to receive with both your hands everything that will come to you in due course. Some of you have made already such steps and others again are already on the very threshold of it – of their transgression into New Earth – of which I have spoken already a few times before.

And this already is again the conclusion of this message, my beloved humans. We are with you always, accompanying and protecting you as soon as you give us such possibility. Remember the ToolBox [Spiritual ToolBox - English] which has been accumulated and given to you by this channel. This ToolBox comprises tools which will simplify your daily life in some incredible way since this was the very reason why it particularly has been made for you humans in the first place.

With such great love for you

Yours Archangel Raphael


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