You cannot own a Living Planet

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The sun moved into Sag today, whew, I can feel that. I woke up at 3:00 am, ready for the day. I wondered what was goin' on and now I know, it's shiftin' gears time. Yep, TRANSFORMATION IS UPON US, WITHIN US, EACH AND EVERY ONE OF US.

I always felt that I was not able to communicate well since my Mercury is retrograde in Sagittarius. Then I realized I communicate just fine, It appears people just don't comprehend what I am sharing. I wonder? lol

I read what I write and it is consistent, always completes the thought...  The bullet list of communication, "check!"

Could be I speak a foreign language, i.e. "NOW IS." LOL

Then I wonder why I should ever care if anyone ever gets what I share? Simply put, I care for HU+MANITY, I am a HU+MAN ALSO = TOO.

I love to share thought, especially thought which requires some. Simple thought, simple write. "True words are never eloquent, and eloquent words are never true."

My uniqueness is my inner connection to LOVE. Ah, the magic of Life in creation. I can't imagine creation without LOVE or LOVE WITHOUT CREATION.

I see things so much differently than so many on the Planet. I actually see the Planet, not the "world". The "world", a 3d projection cast by ignorance to hide the truth of a Living Planet Earth = Heart.

"World", small word to hide the truth behind. lol

"The world" is just a belief system placed upon the masses so the masses can be programmed into submission. The lie, "You can own the world." The truth, "You cannot own a Living Planet."

Then the need to own something comes into play so the masses own a lie. Seems like that is truly the only thing one can "own". Everything else is given freely from creation to be shared by all abundantly.  Always stick with "PLAN A" Be-Cause "PLAN A" is the "ORIGINAL PLAN".

Well, anyway ...


I don't write for the masses, I write for the ONES who connect to the gift I share for in the connection oneness is truly experienced, unconditionally and freely.

Have a beautiful day, for NOW IS WITHIN US ALL.