Your House Is A Mirror

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Did you know that each part of the house is broken down into the correlating mental, emotional, and physical counterpart of ourselves. Even the fascia of a house takes on a form similar to the human face with the front door as the mouth, the windows as the eyes, and the roof as the head. It’s no coincidence that the home has been used as a metaphor for our mind or body in our dreams. Our home is an energetic extension of ourselves with every aspect reflected somewhere in it. This is made even more exact by the stuff we possess. Every item is an expression or extension of our mental and emotional selves. This is why decluttering your life and home can be such relief. You are literally letting go off mental and emotional aspects of yourself.

So what are you projecting? Your clutter is projecting this energy out into your life just like an outdated outfit or a broken car would. Decluttering and organising your house is serious energy work, not unlike going to an energy healer or yoga class.

In all my work in the holistic arts, I have found decluttering your life to be the quickest way to make profound changes. You are literally removing old, stagnant energy to make space for new, fresh energy. For example, if you’ve been sending out résumés and going to job interviews, decluttering your home office space will expedite the process. After creating space, new energy in the form of phone calls and job offers can now come in.

Clutter is the physical representation of our emotional and mental blocks, and once it is removed, change can happen fast. We ultimately manifest our life from our mental and emotional bodies. The act of organising and decluttering your home literally frees those areas of our psyche like removing the wall of a dam to allow water to flow through once again. As you become more aware of what items are blocking your energy, you can begin to use your home organisation as a manifesting tool to attract more of what you want in your life. If you’ve worked with a vision board or other law of attraction methods, you may have wondered why you manifest some things but not others. Either the desire wasn’t truly there or, in most cases, there’s an underlying subconscious block that is stronger. Our subconscious thoughts make up approximately 95% to 99% of our thoughts and behaviours, and yet we have little awareness of them. They consist of past programming, influences from the collective conscious, and our shadow sides.

The more we can become aware of and integrate our shadows, the more whole we will feel and the more precise our manifestations will become. The question is, where in your home have you hidden them? And are you ready to declutter your life and home? Each room of the home represents a correlating aspect of ourselves, with the closet symbolising what we would rather keep hidden. It’s where we hide our shadows, and is an area where home organisation and decluttering is often needed. It’s no wonder we use the phrase “skeletons in the closet” to refer to things we keep hidden. And, of course, there is the common phrase “coming out of the closet,” which refers to expressing an aspect of ourselves that we have kept hidden from the world. We all have shadows or shadow sides. These are aspects of our personality that we have disassociated from or denied because at some point in childhood it was not safe for them to be seen. These aspects have been termed shadows or shadow sides because of our inability to see them. You can also think of it as a blind spot, your dark side, or the unconscious. The collective consciousness has a shadow side as well, commonly termed dark forces.

So tune into your heart, step into each room and ask yourself, what aspects are hidden in here! Allow yourself to fully become aware of any hidden agendas. Detach yourself form the objects that you connect with these hidden emotions and declutter your home and self. I wish you a wonderful journey within.

You are so loved!