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How We Sabotage Ourselves Through Pride Mar 25, 2015 will
How Your Mind Manipulates You Mar 15, 2015 will
The Optimist, The Pessimist, & The God Mar 10, 2015 will
Duality and Polarity - There's a Big Difference Feb 7, 2015 will
Transcending the Introvert/Extrovert Duality Jan 23, 2015 will
How I Clear My Energetic Field & Balance The Chakras Jan 20, 2015 will
Do We Need External Systems of Morality? Jan 10, 2015 will
When Is Ascension Coming? - Updated Jan 2, 2015 will
Compassion for the Police Jan 1, 2015 will
Awareness, The Key To Awakening Dec 30, 2014 will
One Size Fits None - On Spiritual & Societal Conformity Dec 21, 2014 will
What Does It Mean To "Let Go"? Dec 17, 2014 will
Can There Be Spiritual Awakening Without Societal Change? Dec 14, 2014 will
You Are The One (And So Is Everyone Else) Nov 24, 2014 will
No Such Thing as a Higher Self Nov 20, 2014 will
Finding Peace in the Mystery, Letting Go of the Need to Know Nov 17, 2014 will
The Myth of Only 5 Senses Nov 16, 2014 will
An Extraterrestrial's Guide to Understanding Earthlings Nov 13, 2014 will
Kundalini Activation - or - WTF Is Happening To My Body?!? Nov 12, 2014 will
No such thing as a still mind... Nov 11, 2014 will
A request for donations & an explanation of what the GFP is... Nov 10, 2014 will
A Message To Those Who Read Channelings And The Channelers... Nov 9, 2014 will
Galactic Free Press -God Certification Course- Nov 7, 2014 will
Understanding the nature of illusion Nov 1, 2014 will
What Is Spirituality? Oct 28, 2014 will
Bridging the physical realm and the Divine Oct 25, 2014 will
New-Agey Event Name Generator Oct 22, 2014 will
Why Is Real Change So Difficult? Oct 1, 2014 will
When the mind is quiet Sep 2, 2014 will
Is the ego a friend or an enemy? Aug 10, 2014 will
God Is... Aug 9, 2014 will
Effective Manifestation Jun 10, 2014 will
Spiritual Healing May 29, 2014 Isis Ra
Update on the Galactic Free Press May 29, 2014 will
Your Only Problem Is Your Own Mind May 27, 2014 will
The Direction of the Galactic Free Press May 26, 2014 will
Awakening Daily, Our New Sister Site May 25, 2014 will
The Box May 22, 2014 Isis Ra
Everything Is Exactly As It Should Be May 22, 2014 will
You Have All The Knowledge You Need May 21, 2014 will
Negating Negativity May 19, 2014 will
Releasing Fears Before They Manifest May 17, 2014 will
The Divine Never Left Planet Earth May 12, 2014 will
Those Who Rebel Against Society Are Often Doing It A Favor May 10, 2014 will
My thoughts on Jesus May 8, 2014 Isis Ra
The Problem with God (the word) May 7, 2014 will
The Perception of Separation and the Reality of Oneness May 5, 2014 will
It's Okay To Be Weird May 4, 2014 will
Taking Meditation to the Next Level May 2, 2014 will
You Deserve Happiness Apr 30, 2014 will