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After time, people will say, in those years,

we lost the meaning of we,

we lost the sense of universality found ourselves prisoners into ego,

in a long soliloquy and the infinite life reduced to i,

war inside us, we fight inside us,

the birds of prey scream and their beaks hurt us but through the fog,

the stars, the makers of wandering dream

with their accumulated wisdom they're sending us a mutiny message

2005 Mr. 18 Ripe Puer

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This is one of the many Puers from Mr. 18, my Tea Master who has taught me so much. 2005 Ripe Puer.

Communing With The Within

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Communing with the Devine. We took this picture while traveling through India at a Shiva temple. This person was one of many showing that perfect divine devotion.

Photo: Nicolas Zart. All Rights Reserved.


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