Double Celebratory Message from Yeshua and Sananda

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Double Celebratory Message from Yeshua and Sananda ~ Channeled by Fran Zepeda ~ December 12 and 13, 2012


Note from Fran: The following is Yeshua’s Celebratory Message given to me in the late afternoon of 12-12-12, meant to be Part One of a Double Celebratory Message; Part Two, Sananda’s Message of today, 12-13-12, follows Yeshua’s message below. Enjoy! Many Blessings!


Yeshua.lightfilledworld11Celebratory Message from Yeshua on 12-12-12: A Light Filled World


Greetings and salutations to all my beloveds! Today, 12-12-12, marked a glorious day in your history, in your development and in your hearts – and in our hearts, dear ones. You have accomplished so much. Your embarkment on this ascension journey is well underway now, dear ones. You have crossed the threshold of all thresholds. The Light is shining ever brighter and untold adjustments have been made in your Light Bodies, in Gaia’s Light Body and in sacred Unity Consciousness.

Rejoice, dear ones. You are doing beautifully. Please keep up this progress and your meditations, for you are making great headway and more is afoot. The Bliss you are feeling and experiencing is just going to magnify and amplify, dear ones. There are no limits to the depths you can and will feel and experience.

Much expansion has already taken place in your Light Bodies, DNA and frequencies. You are setting precedent for an explosion and a great building of energies from here on out. No one will be left untouched.

Finial Activations, & Finial Awakenings- Gaia, Humanity, All of Gods Creations 12-12-12, Part 2 of 2

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Law of One Released from Karma and Activated and of in Presents for New World.


SaRa Key used to amplify to Cleans Humanities DNA/RNA as well as Activates Parasympathetic Nervous system and light bodies. Included Gaia, God Creations.


Raised vibration to the highest possible vibration that each being, gods creations, Gaia could be raised to at this time.


All Blue Ray Beings were Activated, Key Codes awaken,  and Called to there divine Purpose.


Acturian Key Codes were used to awaken, activated to beings completed 12-12-12.

this activations will assists in moving beings on to there path, purpose.


The GateKeepers, Lightsavers and code Catchers were fully Awaken and fully Activated.


Activation and Call fourth of Soul Families to come together at this time for planetary work coming New Earth set in Motion.


Finial Activations, & Finial Awakenings- Gaia, Humanity, All of Gods Creations 12-12-12, Part 1 of 2

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Finial Activations, & Finial Awakenings~ Gaia, Humanity, All of Gods Creations 12-12-12, Part 1 of 2

Activation of Red Crystal Mt. Shasta

~Rainbow Bridge ~ Has been fully created and is Bring Heaven to Earth- Fully Activated


-Signet Councils of 12 with Star Gates 1-10 are in agreeance 100% to help Gaia, Humanity with the rest of this Accession process - There are Mix Groups from each Star Gate with Assigned Projects that were agreed upon by all Set in Motion 12-11-12.

Activations, Awakenings for All Ascensions seats have been set into motion. Also Were Asked to dismantal all Global Weapons of Mass destruction.


-Awakened and Activated beings of Carriers of Key codes, Accession Keys, New Codes of New World, Fire Codes of 12 and 48 were full activated and aligned with Golden Rule, 144 sacred Geometry.


-Completion of full Activation of all Master Crystals, Crystal Pyramids as above as below, Linked with Golden 144 Ratio


12-12-12 Global Group Meditations List & More

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What are your plans for 12-12-12? I'm definitely having a Cleansing/Healing bath tonight, see recipe below!  

I send you Love, Light & Peace, Joy~*




The Pleiadians are saying there will be a series of Illumination Waves coming onto the planet on 12/12/12. They are asking you to open up to new alliances with pre-agreements that you made before you came onto this earth plane. In order for you to be able to fully take in the energies of the Illumination Waves that will be coming onto the planet on 12/12/12, you need to open up and create new energetic alliances for yourself..

Fran Zepeda ~ Yeshua ~ It Is Time ~ 12.10.12

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Yeshua ~ It Is Time ~As Channeled through Fran Zepeda ~ 12.10.12





Hello dear ones, I come before you today, on this auspicious day, one of many to come. I beseech you to Be with and gather all you can of Creator’s Divine Love, to absorb it and sift it and spread it through your Heart and out to all your fellow Beings and the Earth Mother.

Oh, these are glorious days, where you have such an opportunity to lift your spirits to untold heights, dear ones. The energies are building and showering you. Stop and be still many times in the day and welcome it, for this is your opportunity for complete transformation. Yes, you have heard this, but we want to be sure that the next eleven days have your complete attention.

In your preparations for 12-12-12, be sure and pay attention to any thoughts of unity and connection to your fellow Beings and Earth. Wrap it all in a ball of Light and hold it in your Heart and expand with it. Feel the Abundance and Joy and Love that all are beginning to experience and make a prayer for all to experience it to the “nth” degree. Go bigger. Go larger. Go lighter. Go brighter. You bring everyone along with you that way.

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