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For the past week I have been popping in and out of the fifth dimension. When I go 5D, everything around me seems flat, sort of phony like an old movie set, and far away. It is sort of like an out-of-body experience where you are looking down at yourself, but I am in myself and looking at the 3-dimensional reality I just the last moment was in.

The longest one was when I was walking down the hall of the OR with my patient, after their surgery, taking them on the bed to PACU. I felt a connectedness and compassion to my coworkers I passed in the hall. It was like watching an old movie, comforting, but very campy and dated. Once I walked through the double doors which separate the OR from PACU, I came back to 'normal'.

At first I was a little weirded out by this. But a post by Kaui'la Pele talked about the similar experiences, with the vision going fuzzy for a short time. Others commented on having similar experiences too.As a chemical engineering student, I learned that chemical reactions always happen at the interface between two chemicals. Add a catalyst to the reactor, and the reaction will happen hundreds of times faster, on the edge. It was there that I developed a liking for being between two worlds, where the action is. I went into Medical School being excited about the skills I would gain to help people at the brink between life and death. In trauma anesthesia and especially cardiac anesthesia this is the case.

It was between undergraduate and medical school that I 'woke up' and began to discover my intuitive gifts. I began escorting souls to the Other Side in my dreamtime and my downtime as the need arose. I came up with a word for the boundary that separates us on Earth from those on Heaven: The Fence.

I have been dancing on The Fence for more than twenty years! And enjoying every minute of it. Reiki and Karuna Reiki added to the mix.

a miracle yesterday via social media

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Yesterday this press via facebook and a discussion initiated by Haunted Rain ... and through the guidance of Grailheart Magi ... was host to a miracle of light people coming forward with creative innovative ideas for a our new world. With telepathic permission we are compiling these ideas into one voice. Thank you beautiful precious everyone. We are the ones !

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