The deeper level of our subconscious minds

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This is from Patricia under hypnosis working at the subconscious level with Dolores Cannon ( I am sharing for informational purposes and know that this is good information by which reading it can come in handy for not only the future, but the now. )

The aliens are able to break down the molecular structure of the body so it can pass trough solid objects. It is common for the person to pass trough the walls or ceiling of their room.

Patricia: Yes, they have to change me so I go Trough the walls.

Dolores: Does it happen when your asleep?

Patricia: Yes, sometimes they've taken me out of my car. Because when I'm in my car, I'm in a different state of consciousness. And sometimes I'm thinking about other things and they can come in and get me. I can still be driving the car, and yet they can work on my body.

Dolores: Without any danger of having a wreck or anything like that.

Patricia: No, no, no. It's my conscious mind that is doing something else, and they can come in and affect my body because I'm hooked up to the computer. ( This would be from the conscious ships that we don't all see maybe because they are on a different frequency level inter-dimensionally, and while astral traveling we can come in contact with them. )

Dolores: When they take you out of your bed, is the physical body taken on board the craft?

Patricia: I need to ask them. (Long pause) The only thing that I'm getting is that they're taking me physically. I look back in my bed and it looks like I see something there, But I'm not there. It's like I see a shell, but I'm not there. It's like a piece of energy there, but I'm not in the bed. ( ...So this would be her in astral body, viewing down on the bed her physical body but interpreting her seeing the body as illogical because she is up above. )

Dolores: But they do this and you don't remember anything about it.

Patricia: No, no, they've never told me.


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In the first time of humanity’s history , there is a mystical practicing discipline of straight talk about God realizing itself , teaching the stated principles coming to the upper world, go into exactly Universal Center, enter original nature; furthermore really high up , exactly and clearly, not confused about ways and concepts ; empirically out of body experiences. It states that coming to the exactly original home, then back again into the earthly world with sacred living, becoming Living Masters, Living Enlightened Being, Living Saints in the world

In the first time, there’s North Star imagination to guardian body and demonstration that physical body is the induction part which is small cosmos exist in the big cosmos, with 7 divine power centers in high world and physical body. Therefore we can explain and convert our karma, bodies, destinies, simultaneously smash primitive superstition occults, open scientifically ways to conduct spiritual revolution, spiritual and beliefs culture; remove old backward mystics, even reactionary demon and wizard types for human steps into a new evolutionary ladder .


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by J’Tariah EnRa El of the Starship Phoenix  
Dedicated to *M* because you know "who you are."

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A Peak into the Fifth Dimension: Progressing the Soul, Knowing Multidimensional Earth, Connecting to the Planetary Soul

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A Peak into the Fifth Dimension: Progressing the Soul, Knowing Multidimensional Earth, Connecting to the Planetary Soul, Laughing Into Higher Realms, Manifesting Immediately, Timing Dimensional Jumps
                  (mind-blowing channeling below from Sananda)

Sananda Spills Secrets! Ashtar Command Origins, Soul Contracts, Archangel Michael's Legions, Faith in Oneself, Listening Within

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Sananda Spills Secrets! Ashtar Command Origins,
Soul Contracts, Archangel Michael's Legions,
Faith in Oneself, Listening Within,
Surrendering to Feelings

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what is and is to be

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Will be brief, Im low on power once again and short on time it seems. This entrapment of brokenness on computing really bothers me.There are no shortcuts to doing things right apparently.



Wonderful things await. I wonder sometimes, though if we are getting carried away with our wanting to be of the things to come, of the ships and people?


There will be times for this, and there is a LOT of work to still yet be done here from what I see.This is the begining, the end of the old, but not the end by far, not even December but by then hopefully most of us will be where we belong.And a great deal of us ar e not from here.


Thats ok.


I just think we are getting carried away a bit. Now I know not everyone is an ArchAngel, not everyone strives to be, there are a LOT of humanoids and Terrans out there and a lot of us here that have you as family in some way or another.The reunion will be grand beyond all means, I am sure.


But we must save ourselves an create the world we want, no other race will do that for us.There is a lot of halfway training and teaching and work that needs to be done I think yet, so have plans to go, but not be so eager to leave that you forget the mission as to why we are here.The mission is truely begining again.


My 2c for today.

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