'Broadcast depth'

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I dont want to Harp on the radio aspect, a lot of you have made it clear that telepathy is the way. And yes, wouldnt you rather understand a telepathic version of Splinter(a tall rat) than one what only whistles and clicks at you?


How many want to see the radio communications two-way with ET? With the advanced races?

Primitive, maybe, but for now this technology 'will do'. Lets us use of it what we can until we have better.


Because they do come across  Telepathically, even in the animal kingdom.Domesticated or not.

But it makes me wonder, If were being recieved, why isnt there more direct contact? Why no face to face if we ARE ready? If we are able, if we can act as the go betweens, then why the delays?


The pilots KNOW we are here. They keep taking the ships out to say hi.

I know this to be true.


Let us be the go betweens.



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