These children

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Iv'e been teaching children the art form of drama for ages now. Probably much longer. Time has escaped me. Which I am grateful for. When I am with these very special children, time is elusive. I am seeing more and more children come to me with the gifts of wisdom. Indeed I feel connected to them so strongly as I was one of them and still am. I recently relinquished the need for labels and it has made me feel so much freedom. They come to me with purpose. They know what they want and in this changing world they crave freedom to be expressive. To be fully what they want, without separation. That is what I aim to give them. We delve into all aspects of "what can be". We explore space and music and a new way of being free. It engages me with it's purpose of fulfilling their wishes and I am excited by the outbursts of joy we feed to each other. The key IS freedom. There are no text books that state that this is how it is. We write our own books in class through improv. Through experience and imagination. They are well aware of what needs changing and what magic is in relationship to energy. They heal me with their sounds of glee and I can give them what they crave...Freedom. These children are us. It is my pleasure to be here escorting them and learning from them. It is challenging and promising and as long as we see them as our equals, the sky is certainly not the limit.Let's aim to bring this freedom into the home, the workplace, the schools. Working alongside others, as a team.  You have brought forth some very wonderful beings my friends. Lets celebrate them and give them, their freedom!heart

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