Higher Self and Guitar

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Playing my guitar, the music that which I play comes from a constant flow with unlimited possibilities and this flow changes day in day out I embody with the higher self, sometimes I can't come close to playing stuff like this, but there is allways a time with the energies and the planets and the charts numerologie and other sings that gives away the best time to play the guitar and get the higher flow and so on I keep on practicing, I hope you EnJOY~this was created all in the same day and I had never played these before...


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Every Action,
Every Vibration,
Every Movement,
Every Sensation,
Perfect beyond Measure!
All in Life,
Is a jewel of a treasure.

Rainstorms, lightning & sun,
Dance in harmony as weather.

As sadness, joy & suffering,
Flap their wings together.

While love, pain & ecstasy,
Rise like waves then settle.

The mountain is always unified,
Every altitude & level.

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