Last days of 3D confirmed...

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Now I AM quite certain that we are in the last days of 3D life. A personal situation has developed for me (re-emergence of meth-head brother-in-law) that is testing my own focus.
Initially, I was indignant and my psyche was "at attention" with all kinds of negative vibes and imagined negative scenarios! But, after about one hour, I started FEELING glimmers of positivity and now have received assurance from my higher self that, no matter what happens as this situation plays out, I AM ok and will be OK! in my future. Is this a last scenario of negativity that is being released from me? I think that it is!
What a wonderful release for me! Now...I will focus  imagining my stressed-out husband being and feeling better as well as this situation will all work out in a positive way.
Galactic Free Press is such in important site for lightworkers to hold near and dear to their heart = LOVE = Earth!


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