Requesting or Knowing…Which is the Most Powerful Way to Pray?

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Prayer is an efficient and powerful tool. It is essential for each one of us to pray and/or meditate. Requesting blessings and giving thanks is of ultimate benefit – it is also a magnanimous way we can help others and our planet. Joining others in prayer bolsters the energy behind the manifestation and expedites it.

I now better understand that there is another level of prayer that does not include just making requests. Instead, it is completely about being inside the realm of gratitude and knowingness…sending out blessings, healing, loving and abundance to anyone, everyone and everything. (Yes, in case you were wondering, you do have the power within to send out gifts to others.)

When we are connected to our souls, knowingness and gratitude amplifies the way prayer manifests in the world. Knowingness is not the same as hope or faith. Knowingness is a much higher frequency. It is simply a more powerful way of bringing forth abundance to everyone’s life including ourselves.

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Knowing and Belief

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Greetings, Dear Ones!

Today we wish to speak with you about knowing and belief. As you continue to progress upon your path of living through your heart, the distinction will become clearer and also more important to you.

Quite simply, belief is something that comes from without. A belief is something that we acquire via external sources. We are never born believing anything. Belief generally comes from another paradigm or dogmatic structure and is usually something that is thrust upon you. Belief is something that requires the validation of the rational mind, the ego and people who are external. 

A Peak into the Fifth Dimension: Progressing the Soul, Knowing Multidimensional Earth, Connecting to the Planetary Soul

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A Peak into the Fifth Dimension: Progressing the Soul, Knowing Multidimensional Earth, Connecting to the Planetary Soul, Laughing Into Higher Realms, Manifesting Immediately, Timing Dimensional Jumps
                  (mind-blowing channeling below from Sananda)


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when you are being present within the love you are. you can feel
it throughout your entire body hologram that you experience
life in.planet earth = heart is the being calling the shots here
with everyones life. this isnt going to come out the way your
ego desires it to.ultimately youre going to have to find out for
yourself whats going on, and thats only possible when the planet
says that its time for you to start inquiring and discovering whats
going on. you can only fully agree on information thats said to be true
when its been fully integrated into your body hologram. until then
youll be going with that which you do know in the present moment.
spiraling through eternal evolution. the reason why some beings on
this planet right now feel life isnt eternal is because they have yet
to integrate their hearts knowing in and throughout their system.

this by definition means its a planetary conspiracy, and all who
know whats up, or see whats up, or knowingly see whats up, are able
to talk it and walk in, those who do not know or see or knowing see
whats going on, are only able to walk and talk that. to discern the
truth from fiction actively and have it available to you consistently
is an abiding experience of your becoming. when its the opposite, its
non abiding, which means you got it here now, and then you lost it,
here now.discerning is not judging, its conscious self inquiry into
the truth for the truth sets you free and this is a soul knowing, its
why we are even able to inquiry at all. that which does not discern
is that which we are not, the conditioned egomind. were taught from birth
to unconsciously identify with it, the conditioned control mechanism
that is the egomind in which its nature is to not question that which is.

its nature is also to be repelled by all that is consistently.
the conditioned egomind controlling mechanism is sick, insane,and

We Are Indeed Oneness in Love and Awareness in Light....When We Awaken. (^_^)

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Our Oneness Within is the Love and Light Center of our ascension.


This is the place where we feel Love, in our heart center. The world is aglow with the rays of awareness spreading like wildfires around the globe. We are gathering and beginning the new change that has been heralded, and Our Brothers and Sisters from afar are here helping with so very much. I only hope that our Songs of Joy and Celebration will fill their hearts as much as we will feel filled to overflowing from our own. Indeed, in the Oneness all will share this in Abundance.


Love is the beginning of our lives, where we feel it from the one who cradles us in the security of their arms and gentle whispers. Love is the embrace of a special pet , each time multiplied and repeated throughout their presence with us. So many times Love is gifted and given and shared in so many ways, as to express each difference and variety. Sometimes Love is stolen, or taken, or unregistered, or controlled in this 3D place.


However, Within... Love is concentrated in a wonderful Light, shimmering, brilliant, warm, and incredibly, incredibly immense. It is inside of You, shared and One with Everyone and Everything else the imagination can attempt and beyond. It is Home and Transport, and School. Love by its very definition Loves...

Love Loves....

Love Loves...

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